2020 High Vibe Gift Guide

The holidays look a little different this year, and so does the Boundless high vibe gift guide…


Yes, there will be purpose-driven gifts for you to mindfully shop, however, I wanted to go a layer deeper, beyond conscious consumption, to really support & serve this community in the most intentional way. In October 2020, the unemployment rate was at 6.7% (almost double Oct. 2019’s number). Furthermore, 2.2 million women have left the workforce since February of this year. Although this year may be coming to a close, the pandemic and financial turmoil many of us are experiencing lives on.

Okay, sorry to be a downer, but what I’m getting at is there is no reason to feel guilty about wanting to take a step back from gift-giving this year — or for any year for that matter. We are programmed to embrace this idea of “gift-giving” around the holidays, and sure it’s fun, but it can also be financially draining, especially for many this year.

Given the current time, I want to offer you some free gift ideas to give to loved ones that still embody abundant love & worth.


  1. A handmade card with a handwritten heartfelt note
  2. A favorite recipe
  3. A present conscious conversation conveying how grateful you are for the person & all that is
  4. An old book (a personal favorite)
  5. An old crystal (or plant one in the earth on their behalf)
  6. A playlist
  7. A zoom dinner & dance party


A high vibe holiday to me means that you are filled with not presents, but presence. You are living in alignment with the you that feels wholest, truest & fullest. Some say this is your highest self, but around the holidays, it’s tough to be your “best, brightest, highest self.” Sometimes you need what my Dad calls a DND — a “Do Nothing Day.” Now, I’m not a proponent of this every single day, but you can’t give from an empty vessel so reclaim rest if you feel called to it!!

To ensure that whatever you do is in high vibe alignment, take an extra breath and ask yourself if you are acting with intention, connection, gratitude, and joy. If that’s a no and you’re feeling down. Feel the feels, find the higher lesson of your current challenge and then move forward.

2020 has definitely taught us that presence with our loved ones and our lives is so special. Don’t waste it, embrace it.

On that note, here are some questions to ask yourself to help guide your gift-giving towards greater alignment, intention & purpose:

  1. What is your budget? Honor your financial wellness
  2. What is your intention for this gift? (ie. to give the gift of.. love? abundance? connection?)
  3. What interest lights the receiver up? (ie. cooking, art, dance, music etc.)
  4. What are three products that fall under this area of interest? Remember to have fun & don’t stress too much! 
  5. What are three purpose-driven brands that create the products I named before?
    1. Purpose driven = eco-conscious, clean & nontoxic, philanthropic, black-owned, female-founded etc. 
  6. When you land on a product you like, dive deeper into the brand story, mission and values. Are they in alignment with yours and your intention?
  7. How does giving this gift make you feel? If you feel light and excited about it, this is in alignment!

Lastly, infuse this gift with your initial intention!

If you’re shipping it to the person, take a few deep breathes and imagine your intention swirling around and immersing the gift with love. If you are to physically receive it, do the same in person. If you feel called, write your intention on a card. Show the person how much you truly care. 


  1. Anima Mundi Daily Elixir Kit 
  2. Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket
  3. Mini Theragun
  4. Sundays Wellness Gift Box Set (get 10% off with code BOUNDLESS, 20% off valid until 11/29)
  5. Jiggy 
  6. Mate the Label Organic Terry Classic Jogger
  7. Sakara Popcorn Trio (20% off with code xoboundless)
  8. Bennd Ayurvedic Yoga Mat (10% off with code boundless)
  9. Our Place Nontoxic Always Pan


  1. Water & Bird x Boundless Ceremonial Crown Chakra Hats 
  2. Energy Muse Wealth Stones
  3. Boundless Creatives 2021 Intentions Journal 
  4. Safe Sleeve Radiation Protection Computer Case
  5. Magic of I 2021 Astrology Planner 
  6. Soulbound, 4-Week Starter Course to Spiritual Self Discovery 



  1. Hortiki Plants Organic Herb Gardening Kit 
  2. ByK.West World Necklace with Chain
  3. Jade Swim Yara One Piece
  4. Golde Cacao Turmeric
  5. Custom Collaborative Fashion Face Masks
  6. Soko Maxi Glopo Jacket Earrings (20% off with code KARAxSOKO)
  7. Peace & Riot Pour Over Kettle
  8. Brother Vellis Palm Python Boots


  1. For Days For Better Days Vintage Sweatshirt 
  2. Good Clean Food by Lily Kunin
  3. Not Pot CBD Glow Oil 
  4. Brightland The Duo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  5. Maude Tub Kit 
  6. Girlfriend Midnight Compressive High-Rose Legging
  7. LXMI Nilotica

  1. Molekule Mini Air Purifier
  2. Eight Sleep Pod Smart Cooling Mattress
  3. Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer
  4. Healthy Line Gemstone Heat Mat
  5. Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket 
  6. tuneBed Biotuning Bed (email directly for purchase – 10% off with Boundless by Kara mention)


  1. Stojo Collapsible Cup
  2. Pela Biodegradable Phone Case
  3. Package Free Zero Waste Starter Kit 
  4. Stasher Gem Set Silicone Reusable Bags
  5. Guppyfriend Microplastic Catcher Washing Bag
  6. Larq LED light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle 
  7. Bloomscape Plants (10% off with code ambkaral10)




With boundless gratitude,