5 Journals to Start Your 2021 Off Right

As we near the end of an especially difficult year, there’s a collective sense of eagerness to start off 2021 on the right foot. One tried and true way to do that is through journaling. There are so many benefits to keeping a journal like more self-awareness, goal setting and planning, stress relief, organization, creativity, and more. By writing down your thoughts, feelings, ideas and goals you’re communicating with the universe and starting to manifest what you want. So, if this sounds like your kind of start to the new year, check out these 5 journals below!

Boundless Creatives 2021 Intentions Journal

Connect with the universe this new year with the Boundless Intentions Journal! This is a dedicated, sacred space to set your intentions and put what you want to manifest out into the universe. In this journal, you can expect monthly coaching with The Boundless Method, mantras, crystal recommendations, monthly and end-of-year check-ins, and more. This bright, high-vibe journal is the perfect tool to start the new year!

Daily Goal Setter Planner

If you’re trying to be more productive in the new year, the Daily Goal Setter is about to be your new best friend. This planner-journal hybrid provides a space for you to identify and assess your goals, maintain structure throughout the day, and also acts as a gratitude journal. Minimalistic in design, this planner comes in three beautiful neutral colors.

Magic of I Astrological Planner

Get ready to live in full alignment with the cosmos this new year with the Magic of I 2021 Astrological Planner! This gorgeous planner is filled with botanical illustrations and allows you to plan your days, weeks, and months with tons of intention and guidance from the planets and the stars. You can expect moon calendars, tarot wheels, retrogrades, and so much more. This planner is perfect for astrology newbies and connoisseurs alike! The cover is crafted from vegan leather and each page is made from sustainably sourced paper.


The Daily Stoic Journal

Ancient meets modern with The Daily Stoic Journal. Based on ancient Stoic philosophy, this journal explains ancient Stoic practices and how to apply them to daily life. Daily quotes and questions encourage deep self-reflection with inner peace, self-awareness, and wisdom as the goal. Use this as a stand-alone journal or in conjunction with The Daily Stoic book!

The Five-Minute Journal

If you’re new to journaling this is a great journal for you! As the name suggests, The Five-Minute Journal was designed to be done in five minutes allowing for smooth integration into your daily routine. Its focus on gratitude and optimism will ensure that you’re starting the new year on a positive note and keeping that momentum going. Bonus points: The Five-Minute Journal is printed on sustainably sourced paper stock!