Best of Boundless: Holistic CBD Hemp Products

CBD oil and infusions are almost as common as a cup of coffee these days — oh wait, you likely ordered or put some in yours this morning, am I right? People praise & use the oil form for all sorts of ailments like anxiety, arthritis, and even cancer. CBD has become the new wellness “it” ingredient, infused in what seems like every product on the market right now: sparkling water, skincare, beauty, bath, food, etc. 

Alas, let’s take a deeper look at wellness’s latest darling. The source of hemp, how it’s grown, and how it’s extracted have a huge effect on the quality and potency of the product. That being said, here is a list of some of my favorite clean & quality holistic CBD hemp products!


NED Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

This pure hemp oil is organically grown on a small farm in Paonia, Colorado. NED uses a cold extraction process that’s slow and gentle and results in potently clean, high-quality products. With a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, NED CBD oil relieves stress, alleviates pain, and promotes balance and healthy moods. Organic MCT is used as the carrier oil which allows for maximum absorption into the body. 

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Beam Focus Capsules

Get rid of morning grogginess and coffee jitters with these focus capsules specially formulated to give you the energy and focus you need throughout the day! Beam’s Focus Capsules combine nano CBD powder, CoQ10 and ginkgo biloba with adaptogens like rhodiola, ashwagandha, lion’s mane and ginseng, which work together to keep you bright-eyed and in the zone. Take 2 capsules anytime you need a more focused and clearer mind!


Highline Wellness x Hannah Bronfman CBD Bath Bomb

CBD oil + a relaxing soak in the tub = the ultimate de-stresser! If you’re lacking in the self-care department, then look no further than this awesome bath bomb collaboration with HBFIT Founder, Hannah Bronfman. Highly concentrated with CBD oil and loaded with essential oils and botanicals, this bath bomb helps to relieve stress and tension, reduce inflammation, and also hydrates the skin. With a soothing aroma of lavender, rose and geranium you’ll feel like you spent a day at the spa after your relaxing soak.


NED Hormonal Balance Tincture

This hormonal balance tincture combines NED’s full-spectrum CBD oil with a potent blend of organic botanicals specially crafted to support hormone balance. Some of these botanicals include red raspberry leaf, red clover blossom, stinging nettles, lemon balm, and more! This earthy blend will get your endocrine system back in shape the natural way!

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Beam Dream CBD Powder

You’ll never overlook a good night’s rest again after drinking this “dreamy” CBD blend. The soothing taste of cacao and cinnamon is combined with melatonin, magnesium, reishi, l-theanine, and nano CBD powder to give you the coziest wind-down. Enjoy one scoop added to a cup of hot water or oat milk and it’s off to dreamland!


TheraOne Sleep Tincture

Having trouble falling asleep? TheraOne’s Sleep Tincture will have you catching Zzz’s in no time! Their mix of organic CBD oil and an organic blend of lemon balm oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, valerian root extract, and MCT oil provide the perfect recipe for calm. Take 1mL of this tincture by mouth 10-20 minutes before bed and say hello to a restful, restorative sleep.


Beam The Fixer CBD Topical

If you experience soreness or stiffness throughout the day, this soothing CBD salve is perfect for fast relief from body aches, fatigue and irritation. This salve is silky smooth and smells of eucalyptus and lavender. It will leave your skin feeling moisturized and can even be used in your bedtime routine for further relaxation!