Best of Boundless: Sleep Optimization

If you needed a sign to get your sleep schedule back on track, this is it! March is National Sleep Awareness Month and it’s time we talk about catching those Zzz’s. Quality sleep is a lot more important than we might realize, folks. It’s what recharges the body and mind to keep us healthy, happy and sharp. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the awful side effects of poor sleep: low energy, moodiness, inability to concentrate. But, it goes much deeper than that. Sleep deprivation can be linked to some serious physical and mental health issues (think heart disease or depression). So, if you’re looking to improve your sleep and wellbeing check out our favorite sleep gadgets and products that’ll surely change your sleep game!


You’re likely here because you dig high vibe health. Well, look no further than tune, a vibration & music platform that you lie down on that drops your body into a rest and recovery state in just 15 minutes. Depending on your mood and health goals, journey through one of their neural frequency compositions (recover, focus, cleanse, energize, brighten, create, meditate) that resembles a spiritual symphony of sorts. The effects: a euphoric buzz that grounds your body, while revitalizing your mental, emotional and spiritual states. It’s one of the most efficient, effective wellness technologies I’ve ever experienced to-date. TuneBeds are now available for home, studio and office use. Get in touch with them tune team here and mention Boundless for 10% off.



Eight Sleep

Two words: The. Pod. Eight Sleep’s innovative smart mattress, The Pod, is like no other. It has advanced cooling and heating technology that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep by adjusting to your body and environment temperatures. You can even track your sleep reports and control the mattress temperature right from your smartphone. And, most importantly, it’s comfy! The Pod features layers of premium, contouring foam and an active grid layer that forms to your body and relieves pressure points.



Muse headbands are known for their ability to improve meditation, but the Muse S Headband can do that and help you discover your best sleep! This incredible gadget uses EEG technology that tracks your brainwaves, heart rate, and breathing to provide insights on how you can attain optimal rest – how amazing is that?! Soothing soundscapes will help you quiet your mind into a peaceful slumber, and you’ll be sure to wake up fresh and energized.


Wave Sleep

Do you say you’ll go to bed early every night only to fall asleep at 2 AM? Or are you someone who can’t help but scroll the hours away? Maybe you just can’t stop thinking the second your head hits the pillow. If those resonate with you then download the Wave app! Unlike any other sleep app, Wave offers liveĀ guided sleep sessions that are aimed at helping you build healthier bedtime habits by holding you accountable and improving sleep quality over time. Oh, and their online merch is pretty dope!



Say hello (or goodnight) to your new best friend – the NuCalm System! It’s a 3-step system that gets your mind and body relaxed and prepared for a peaceful, healing night’s rest. The system includes their neuroacoustic software library, premium light-blocking eye mask, and biosignal discs that emit natural calming frequencies to the brain. If you have trouble winding down or getting quality rest, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this!




Who doesn’t love to settle down with a warm, soothing beverage before bed? If you haven’t tried Beam’s Dream Cacao Powder then you’re missing out on not only a comforting hot chocolate-esque drink, but also an extra restful sleep! This dreamy powder concoction contains ingredients like CBD, reishi mushroom extract, L-theanine, magnesium, and melatonin – all praised for their sleep and relaxation benefits. This just might become your favorite bedtime snack!

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If you’re looking for a little something to add to your bedtime routine, this TheraOne Sleep Tincture is quick, easy, and effective! This tincture is crafted with CBD oil from a USDA Certified Organic hemp strain and an all-organic blend of lemon balm oil, chamomile oil, lavender oil, valerian root extract, and MCT oil. All you gotta do is take 1mL 10-20 minutes before bed and you’re set for a restful, restorative sleep and you can even say goodbye to morning grogginess!



Who would’ve thought that investing in a pair of aviators would help you sleep?! Not only are these Maverick Sleep glasses by BLUblox super stylish, but they actually help with melatonin production and reducing stress hormones. The lenses are specially made to block out the blue and green light emitted from our devices (phones, TVs, laptops) that disrupt our sleep hormones. So, if you often find yourself scrolling or watching your favorite show before bed, put these glasses on and you can trust that you’ll still get that soothing sleep you need.