55 Creative Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Side

Even the smallest spiritual tweak to your daily routine (think of a simple coffee cup or soap bar switch-up) can transform your life, generate positive energy, and set your soul on fire! Stimulate your mind and awaken your body with these *divine* must-haves.

1. Healing Crystal Wands



These aren’t Harry Potter wands of quartz, but close! You can place these “magic” crystals next to you during meditation or set on a shelf for some illuminating knick-knacks. Whatever you do with your crystals, they will always generate unique and positive vibrations.

2. Palo Santo



Spanish for “holy wood,” these spiritual sticks are not for fetch! Palo Santo dates back to the Incan times where they were used (and still are) to cleanse a person’s energy field in a process called “smudging.” The sticks can be used multiple times, so the four-pack of sustainable sticks is a total bang for your buck!

3. Namaste Pillow



This plush pillow is so comfortable, you’ll want to namaste in bed all day. The pillow stays true to its selfless name, as it’s created from felt produced from plastic bottles and stuffed with a recycled polyfill insert. A gracious nod to both our planet and our people. 

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4. Chakra Bath Salts Set



Keep your spirits high with these fun, rainbow-colored chakra salts. Not only do the vibrant colors add a spirited touch to your bathroom, the shea-butter-infused salts will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced, and refreshed after a much-needed bath.

5. ColourMoon Be Still My Soul Poster



We are true believers of the mantra “thoughts become things,” so when you see and read these inspiring words everyday, you’ll start to embody and become those thoughts and dreams. Not to mention, this minimalistic wall art is an oh-so-chic touch for the stylish spiritualist.

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