Why I Add Mushrooms to My Coffee


This post is sponsored by Conscious Kitchen. Kara personally vets & solely partners with brands that align with her purpose-driven, mindful mission.

Mushrooms are no doubt having a moment right now — and coffee, well, is always having a moment, in my book. It’s what typically gets me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning and is more than an every-now-and-then, mid-afternoon treat. My coffee ritual brings me so much joy — and even more so now that I recently discovered Conscious Kitchen. Although I probably started drinking coffee when I was 13 (or younger, let’s be real), the true embodied joy from it didn’t really start until I began to “ritualize” my coffee routine a few years ago. I love experimenting with different mushroom ingredients.

Exotic mushrooms have been used since before recorded history — ”adaptogenic” meaning a nontoxic substance and especially a plant extract. 

I’ve spent years as a conscious chemist of-sorts concocting cups of coffee filled to the brim with different mushroom powders, herbs & oils that I would froth together and enjoy regularly. Alas, as a CEO & Founder, I don’t have the luxury of spending as much time in my kitchen. I do my best to strike a balance between well-being & efficiency — that’s where Conscious Kitchen, one of my recent discoveries and infatuations, gets it right.  

Conscious Kitchen is a family of mushroom-minded, plant-powered products. Their brand is rooted in conscious connection, taking into consideration all facets of their business from recyclable packaging (100% post-consumer-waste paper feedstock that has been responsibly-sourced) & recycling initiatives to conscious sourcing, ingredients. 

One of my favorite products is their Smart Fat Energy Bombs. 

These dissolvable “bombs” are the idyllic product for on-the-go conscious coffee connoisseurs who value their wellbeing, andalso their time & work. The bombs are plant-powered and  keto-friendly, and also contain MCT Oil, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps  & Reishi mushrooms. Their mushrooms are mindfully sourced and harvested at peak point. 

The product not only tastes fantastic and ticks all of my quality assurance boxes, but the brand is even aligned with recycling/drop-off programs in their attempt to create a more circular economy. Needless to say, this brand is totally Boundless-approved. 

So, if you’re looking to uplevel your morning coffee routine, but keep your ritual streamlined, I highly recommend checking out Conscious Kitchen. They also have a myriad of other mindful product offerings that I have been enjoying recently like their chocolate chili vegan collagen booster… enough said. 

Shop & learn more about Conscious Kitchen here

Cheers & with boundless gratitude for reading. 

This post is sponsored by Conscious Kitchen. Kara personally vets all products featured on Boundless by Kara & solely partners with brands that align with her purpose-driven, mindful mission, aesthetic & values.