High Vibe VDay Gift Guide

I’m a cancer sun sign — known to be a natural nurturer, fairly emotional and all-around lovable, loving homebody who loves, love. But to be honest, whether I was single or in a relationship, I’ve typically found Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day gifts to be a bit overrated. However, this year is different.

The pandemic has genuinely taught us how precious love really is — and casual hugs, good times. How important it is to cherish your partnerships — romantic, friends and family. To not only love boldly & passionately, but to simply tell and show your loved ones how much you care for them. With gentle gestures like hugs and cheek kisses thrown out the window, we’re left with our words, gifts and cards. And if you missed my High Vibe 2020 Christmas Guide, I recommend you taking a scroll through as there are plenty of free gift suggestions, perfect for any and every holiday, if you’re currently focusing on financial wellness.

Whether it’s your galentine, girlfriend, boyfriend or famfriend, see below for the best conscious (clean, sustainable, wellness and overall, products that are layered with purpose beyond profit) Valentine’s Day gifts for her and him.


  1.  Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket, 15% off with code 1KARA15 (only valid during Feb & March 2021)
  2. Avaline Organic Wine 
  3. Sundays Self Love Essentials (10% off with code boundless)
  4. Heritage Store Rosewater Spray
  5. OurPlace Always Pan 
  6. Heart Talk by Cleo Wade
  7. Rosebud Woman Everyday Balm
  8. Energy Muse Rose Quartz Earrings
  9. Jiggy Puzzle

  1. May Lindstrom Blue Cacoon
  2. dpl LED Light Therapy Pad
  3. fx chocolate
  4. Argaux Blind Testing Kit
  5. PACT organic underwear
  6. Bloomscape (10% off with code ambkaral10)
  7. Theragun Mini


with boundless gratitude,