Crystals for Trauma Healing

Everyone experiences trauma differently and has their own unique road to recovery. Whether you’re just now embarking on your healing journey, looking to shake up your recovery process, or are experiencing trauma triggers (which is especially understandable during this time), you deserve to feel peace. I strongly believe that professional help and guidance is crucial, but there are tons of alternative routes you can take to supplement your treatment — and crystals are an accessible, high vibe option for everyone from spiritual newbies to conscious connoisseurs!

Like humans, crystals radiate vibrational frequencies, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Crystal energy interacts with our energy by absorbing, diffusing and/or shifting it. So, if you’ve experienced any trauma, consider welcoming the powerful healing energy of these crystals into your life.


Black Tourmaline

Sometimes referred to as the “bodyguard stone”, black tourmaline is one of the most powerful energy-purifying crystals as it protects from and absorbs the negative energy of others and the environment. It’s excellent for reducing anxiety, low self-worth, and soothes trauma. Black tourmaline is also known to help overcome self-harm tendencies, substance abuse and suicidal ideation.   

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal, known for its royal blue color, helps you unlock your inner wisdom and take control of your life, which is often a struggle for trauma survivors. Lapis Lazuli unearths suppressed emotions and makes room for personal growth. It shields against negative energy and provides aid in coping with panic attacks. Emotional expression, self-awareness, and intuition are all enhanced with this crystal. 



When negative thoughts consume your mind, Howlite can help quiet them and calm the whirlwind of emotions you may be experiencing. This marble-like stone allows you to process your thoughts more effectively and get to the root of your emotions. Howlite helps increase your spiritual awareness and provides a deeper understanding of your innermost thoughts. It can even reduce insomnia!


This fiery red stone is the ultimate confidence booster! Popular amongst artists and performers, Carnelian brings about motivation, empowerment, and strength — all important for recovery. It’s known to banish anxiety in stressful situations, give you the courage to face your fears, and bring joy to your life. Show the world what you’re made of!


More commonly known as Iolite, this crystal is particularly helpful for abuse and trauma survivors. This indigo stone gives you insight on how to cope with and process traumatic experiences and guides you on how to move forward with a clear mind. Iolite provides a sense of hope and helps you fight battles you once thought were impossible to win.


This heart chakra stone is another powerful emotional healer. This raspberry-pink crystal gives us the courage to revisit old childhood trauma with a fresh set of eyes and to release it with forgiveness and compassion. Rhodochrosite lets us reclaim parts of ourselves that might’ve been lost long ago due to trauma so we can welcome our true selves again with open arms and love. 


Regarded as the “mood stabilizer” in the crystal world, Lepidolite has the power to balance the mind and one’s emotions, as well as dissolve all energy blockages. This stone reduces anxiety, anger, panic and depression and replaces those feelings with gentle healing and peace. Its ability to open up all the chakras reveals a path to happiness and confidence.

Black Obsidian

The black, mirror-like obsidian stone works like a deep cleanse for the soul by releasing it from years of emotional turmoil. This stone protects the psyche from addiction, anxiety and anger and helps to cope with trauma, particularly from sexual assault. Obsidian can leave you feeling lighter, yet grounded and opens the path to love and light.

Pink Calcite

Also known as Mangano Calcite, this baby pink crystal is very beneficial for all types of trauma. It brings suppressed emotions to the surface to be processed and released in a loving and gentle way. Pink Calcite stimulates chakras from the crown to the heart to create space for Divine energy and promotes peace and well-being. 

Rose Quartz

Last, but certainly not least, this rosy crystal is famous for emotional healing and universal, unconditional love. Rose quartz allows your heart to release emotional pain, negative energy, and depression and restore love and trust within yourself and others. Self-love, acceptance and trust is a huge part of the healing process and you are absolutely worthy of it.


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