How to Create a Self-Soothe Kit

When I was a kid I recall having a little box filled with all sorts of trinkets that made me feel happy. It was decorated with my name on it and had everything from Lip Smackers and notes from friends, to pretty rocks that I collected, stickers, and 25-cent plastic rings. Fast-forward about 15 years and here I am again recreating that box not just for the fun of it, but for my emotional and spiritual wellbeing — otherwise known as a self-soothe kit!

If you didn’t already know, self-soothing is a common therapy exercise that uses the five senses to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. When experiencing pain it’s a natural human reaction to seek out some sort of comfort, which makes self-soothe kits incredibly helpful. As we know, there are plenty of unhealthy coping mechanisms we’ve all probably gravitated towards at one time or another, but creating your own self-soothe kit gives you easy access to coping by having your “tools” all in one place.

These kits are not only therapeutic, but convenient and fun to make — a high-vibe trifecta! Follow along if you’re ready to welcome this self-soothing toolkit with open arms!


Adding captivating visuals to your kit like those listed below will induce calm by speaking to your heart, soul, and creative eye.

-Photographs that bring you joy or evoke blissful memories

-Printouts of drawings or your favorite pieces of artwork 

-A quote or poem that is special to you

-Pictures of important people in your life or your pets

Tip: Don’t overlook the way that you decorate the exterior of your box – it will have an impact on you! You want to enjoy looking at your self-soothe kit. Decorate with intention, cover it with calming symbols, colors, or quotes, and have fun with it.


The sound of birds chirping or water flowing has the power to transport us to the most calming places, which is why adding one of these items to your box is a great escape from the chaos.

-A list of songs that you enjoy or that soothe you

-A list of nature sounds 

Meditation Chime

-Small instruments (kalimba, music box, etc.)


There’s something so satisfying about taking a sip of your favorite tea and the taste of chocolate melting in your mouth. Tiny treats like these are the perfect pick-me-up for when you’re feeling down and fit perfectly into your kit.

Amborella Organics Lollipops  —plant in your garden afterward!

-A pack of Simply Mints or Simply Gum

-Teabags for your favorite tea. I love the Republic of Tea’s Double Green Matcha Tea!

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao packets

-Little chocolates or your favorite candy


They say our sense of smell is very much connected to our memories. These fragrant items are sure to bring about joyful reminiscences.

Essential oils

-Lavender sachet or other dry flowers/herbs

Incense sticks

-Favorite clean perfume

-Scented clean lotion

Small candles


Who doesn’t adore being wrapped in a soft blanket or getting a relaxing massage? Adding these items to your box will induce that same sense of tranquil whenever you need it.

Stress ball

Nontoxic Play Dough

-Soft fabric / Cloth / Plushie


Mini Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

Mini Cooling & Heating Pad


Last, but certainly not least, including these high vibe items in your kit will help nourish your soul and clear out negative energy!

Tarot Cards


Sage Smudge Sticks

Palo Santo

-Chakra spray (I like the ones by Aveda!)

*Keep in mind that although these can overlap with the other 5 senses, it’s just as important to dedicate some items to the spiritual self.

By Boundless Contributor: Kayla Dilworth