OOTD: Blue Jean Baby

I could seriously live in these Madewell skinny jean overalls. They are incredibly stretchy and are essentially pajamas — who wouldn’t want to run around in their pajamas all day? Madewell caught my eye a couple years ago, especially their denim, when I discovered the Madewell denim recycling program! I have to say, it’s pretty awesome that the J.Crew parent company spearheaded this sustainable action-plan. Simply bring in a pair (or more) of old denim jeans to any Madewell store and they’ll take them off your hands no questions asked! They then send them to Blue Jeans Go Green to recycle the denim into housing insulation for those in need and voilá, you now have $20 off towards a new pair of Madewell jeans. Not only do they keep excess denim out of landfills, they are committed to sourcing all of their products in an ethical manner and regularly donate to philanthropic organizations. They’ve also just been killing it with their designs and custom embroidering, am I right?!

Ruffles are having a moment this summer and I’m all about it. I have embraced a rocker-chick aesthetic with my new do, but at the end of the day I’m a total girly girl — and I love it. This baby blue ruffle top is from H&M. Now, I know I preach not to buy fast-fashion, but after learning about H&M’s future green initiatives at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit  it convinced me that they are, indeed, a leader in the affordable, sustainable fashion industry, despite greenwashing claims. To name a few goals: 1. H&M is committed to become climate positive by 2040 2.  H&M is committed to a climate neutral supply chain for tier 1–2 by 2030 3. Lastly, the brand is committed to 100% recycled and other sustainably sourced materials by 2030. It is these kinds of efforts that all fast-fashion corporations need to make. Even though H&M is tagged as a “fast-fashion” company, they are still making significant strides to better the planet and our people. H&M is paving the way for other fast-fashion giants to approach operations in a more sustainable, ethical manner. Even the smallest changes can bring about sizable impact. We cannot bash fast-fashion companies that are making these kinds of effort, but also have to be knowledgable and wary that greenwashing is prevalent. It’s an uphill battle, but H&M continues to surprise me and I’m proud to wear this shirt made by them in this responsible #OOTD post.

All other parts to my outfit are worn in support of the #30wears movement. These cheetah sunglasses were given to me 7 years ago in the Cosmopolitan fashion closet (I can’t believe it was 7 years ago!!) and I still get great use out of them and look forward to passing them off to a friend or consignment shop in the near future so they can be recycled and given a new life! These Birkenstocks were bought in Munich, Germany 3 years ago. Birks have had a trendy resurgence in the fashion industry, but have had a hippy-dippy fashion presence for decades. The slip-ons, once snubbed by fashion-haters, are now worn by everyone from hipsters, celebs and everyday folk. Remember ladies and gents, all trends are cyclical, hence why we’re seeing a lot of 70’s silhouettes and details lately.  The Birkenstock brand promotes sustainability through their innovative design and packaging, carbon emission reduction and German-centric production. Of course, Birkenstocks aren’t completely vegan, because of their iconic leather sandals, but have nixed fur and wool from their material mix. Overall, I would say they are making a meaningful contribution to the sustainable fashion industry. Bravo Birks!

As for my jewelry gems, they are my good ole go-to’s vintage, Catbird, and SF jewels. Promise to get some good accessories going in these looks soon though! I hope you enjoyed this outfit as I did wearing it. Feel free to message me with any questions — as always, I would love to hear from you all!


[H&M Ruffled Top, $30  / Silver Birko-flor, $95  / Illesteva Leonard II Cheetah Sunglasses, $290 / Madewell Denim Skinny Overalls, $148  / Floriana Mini Cross Body Bag, $1103]


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