The Best Broth to Sip This Winter 

I love the cold-weather months for a lot of reasons… the holidays, cozy nights by the fire and bone broth. But seriously, a warm cup of nutrient-dense bone broth as a nutritious snack or meal replacement makes my mind, body and soul sing. In particular, one of the functional mushroom brands I’ve been loving lately, Om Mushroom Superfood, recently launched their Mighty Broths, a superfood broth blend designed to promote immunity, vitality, cognitive health and energy, and they are not to be missed. 

Why This Bone Broth Is Different 

This cup of superfood soup harnesses the power of both functional mushrooms & bone broth. If you don’t already know, bone broth is a nutrient-dense liquid that’s made from brewed animal bones and is proven to be beneficial for joint & bone health, digestion and more. Add functional mushrooms to the mix and your body also reaps the benefits of cognitive health, immune support, stress management and more. 

Om Mushroom Superfood’s new USDA certified organic broth blends come in 4 flavors: Mighty Mushroom, Mighty Veggie Miso, Mighty Beef Bone, & Mighty Chicken Bone Broth. Each flavor incorporates a myriad of functional mushrooms including: lion’s mane, reishi, shiitake, maitake, turkey tail and king trumpet. Get a rundown of all of your shroom benefits here. 

Yes, the flavors and benefits are great, but it’s the ingenious packaging that makes this product stand above the rest. All broths are packaged in convenient on-the-go packets, so you simply add hot water and voila, you’re good to go! These packs are perfect for travel, errands or when it’s freezing out and you’re just feeling a little lazy — it happens to the best of us…

I’ve been having fun experimenting in my kitchen with these packets. Try adding them to a holiday gravy recipe, a smoothie or latte. The earthy taste makes for a multifaceted base. 

Head on over to Om Mushroom Superfood here to shop & learn more. 

Get 20% off with code boundless20This post is sponsored by Om Mushroom Superfood. Kara personally vets and solely partners with brands that align with her purpose-driven, mindful mission.