Sustainable Zodiac Gift Guide

Instead of opting for a traditional gift guide this year, I curated something a little more out there — as in out of this world and in the cosmos! I am ecstatic to have had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Astrologer, Rebecca Gordon from My Path Astrology, on the following sustainable fashion and zodiac gift guide for Harper’s Bazaar.

Sure, horoscopes can glean insight on whether you will find love or cash out this holiday season, but did you know it can tackle one of the most daunting holiday tasks of all? Sail through holiday shopping the sustainable way this season with our fool-proof conscious gift guide based on her astrological sign.


As the first zodiac sign, Aries women are fearless trail blazers with loads of tenacious, and self-confident energy. This leading lady will lust over just about anything hot and innovative that will reaffirm her trendsetter quality.

Dear Frances Vera Mid Boots$385 BUY NOW














Leave ostentatious accessories aside and focus on quality closet staples for a grounded and practical Taurus — like a cozy cashmere sweater or a classic pair of straight leg jeans to live in. Since this zodiac sign is also hardworking and reliable, shop chic timepieces to leverage this redeeming quality.

RE/DONE Stovepipe Crop Jeans |$250 BUY NOW














Symbolized by two twins, Gemini’s crave duality. Think Versatile products such as a day-to-night dress, clutch reversible jacket, or two-in-one beauty savior. This flighty air sign also has a strong opinion and loves to the be the center of attention so opt for captivating colors that make you do a double-take.

ILIA multi-stick in A Fine Romance | $34 BUY NOW














Bring on the home decor and self care spa goods! Any cancer will swoon over products that she can do while cooped up in her humble abode. She is also a nurturing and sensitive soul so wellness goodies that keep her mind at ease are a sure win.

Vitruvi Diffuser | $119 BUY NOW














There’s no doubt that Leo’s are the life of the party. Shop bold statement pieces that heighten their intrinsic need for self-expression as well as complimenting their charismatic persona. When in doubt, the more glitz, the better.

Shinola Turntable | $2,500 BUY NOW














Chic career essentials and top-shelf beauty products are a must for meticulous and methodical virgos. Infuse more creativity into their rigid routine with imaginative reads that urge them to think outside of the box. A little wishful thinking has never hurt anybody.

Tata Harper Dry Skin Recovery Kit | $125 BUY NOW














This air sign is hallmarked to be social, loving, and thoroughly diplomatic. They are always striving for balance so present gifts that feed all facets of her life — from a colorful social life with divine vintage wine glasses to a beaming career with classic customized stationery.

Melissa Joy Manning Diamond Earrings | $450 BUY NOW














Impress the scorpio in your life with gifts that ooze electric energy and intense passion. Lacey lingerie is a sure success for this sign as well as daring styles, like bright furs and colorful booties that prove she is a fearless innovator.

Brother Vellies Kaya Boot | $297 BUY NOW














Sky is the limit with Sagittarius! Adventure is this gal’s middle name so pick up some luxe luggage this holiday to spark her wanderlust that lies within. If she is already stocked with suitcases, shop fun, flowing, and maybe even metaphysical products that highlight her expansive and free-spirited nature.

Régime des Fleurs Freeworld | $304 BUY NOW














Capricorn’s are born leaders and embody an undeniable amount of enthusiastic zeal and ambition. Take her power outfit to the next level with a pair of stylish, yet practical work shoes — think stilettos or a comfortable platform oxford. If she’s got the work arena covered, appeal to her love for easy organization with sleek travel accessories or a lovely jewelry box.

Stella McCartney Black Elyse Platform Derbys | $580 BUY NOW














Friendly, inventive, and unique. Sound familiar? If so, look no further than striking statement pieces (maybe even a bit eccentric) for the independent Aquarius in your life. Cutting edge gift sets that boast an array of products is perfect for this chick who loves to play and experiment.

Moon Deli Wellness Tonic Set | $60 BUY NOW














It’s the thought that counts with this water sign so whatever you do, don’t forget a birthday card! Pisces are lovers of all things creative, escapist, and water-inspired so you can’t go wrong with cheeky beach and pool accessories. This spiritual guru also gushes over introspective products (think candles, crystals, or a yoga mat) that helps them heighten their sense of consciousness.

Jade Swim Wrap One-Piece | $245 BUY NOW













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