My Spiritual Healing Reading Must-Do’s

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I’ve lost count on how many spiritual health readings I’ve had over the years — journeying through the Bali jungle to have spiritual surgery (yes, that’s a thing), hopping on the New York City subway to soho for a shamanic medicine reading and most recently, a soul-filling phone tarot reading via Keen, a trusted digital network of talented spiritual advisors. What’s so great about Keen is the wide spectrum of talent & pricing, all accessible from the comfort of your own couch. Numerology, tarot, astrology, past life regression and beyond, whatever your soul is “pinging” for, Keen’s got it! 

I had the pleasure of connecting with Shanti66 on Keen, a charismatic spiritual advisor who’s energy felt like a long lost girlfriend. Of course, as we started gabbing I unearthed that she previously lived in Park Slope, the neighborhood I’m moving to in the coming weeks — never a coincidence, always a universe alignment.

The reading was ~30 minutes and filled to the brim with esoteric education. Guided by channeling & tarot card pulls, our conversation seamlessly shifted from topics including my home, career, love life & beyond. All answers were beautifully affirmational & in parallel with the path I am growing forward on. 

Although every reading is uniquely crafted & divinely guided by the advisor’s idiosyncratic “gifts,” I have honed in on a spiritual health routine to keep my mind, body & soul grounded, clear and protected every time. 

Here are my go-to tips to do before, during & after a spiritual advisor reading.

  1. Turn Inbound 

    1. A clear vessel means clear communication — with yourself, your advisor & your soul support system, whom some refer to as your spirit guides. I recommend meditating or simply sitting with yourself for at least 5-10 minutes prior to your reading. Allow your breath to cleanse away any clutter in your head. 
  2. Set the Scene 

    1. Create an environment conducive for conscious channeling. Mindfully burn incense to clear any dense negative energy. If you opt for palo santo or sage, please be acutely aware that this is a sacred indigeneous ritual. Proceed with respect & grace. Palo santo can be used to call in your angels, guides & overall, soul support. Create a crystal grid or place them nearby to help harness high vibe energy. In particular, I recommend clear quartz, known as the master healing crystal, citrine for communication & abundance, rose quartz for love, and selenite for calm cleansing energy post-session. If you are on-the-go, simply visualize iridescent white light flowing over & around your body. 
  3. Write out your Intentions

    1. I first recommend a vision dump, writing out all that is currently present in your energy. There are layers of your subconscious that are waiting for you to tap into and I assure you, the more you write, the more you will surprise yourself. After you vision dump, get clear on your intention(s) & questions for the reading. Typically, the more specific your questions, the more specific your answers will be. 
  4. Focus on the Present, not the Future 

    1. We are all curious about what the future holds, however, it’s the journey that holds all the magic. I’ve had future-focused readings, and personally, I have found myself tethering too much to the spiritual advisors’ tellings versus my internal truth. It’s also paramount to note that your energy and the energy of all that surrounds you may shift as well the moment you walk out of a reading. We all hold the power to change the course of our lives. Take charge of your free will.
  5. Check in with your intuition 

    1. We all hold the answers to what we’re seeing within. Remind yourself that any spiritual health reading or tool is meant as soul support to help guide you to answers that you have always held within. 
  6. Cleanse 

    1. Similar to pre-reading rituals, be sure to energetically cleanse your space post-reading as well. Sage is used to cleanse & release. Open your windows and again, please burn with mindful respect for our ancient ancestors. You can also use selenite to cleanse your body and other crystals. If there is anything energetically you would like to release, write it out on a piece of paper and (safely) burn it on a full moon. 
  7. Nourish 

    1. Don’t forget about your physical body! We are human beings living a spiritual experience, so nourish your mind, body & soul on the physical plane. I personally like to stay extra hydrated, eat 100% organic cacao for extra grounding and indulge in plant-forward fare. 

Thank you again to for allowing me the opportunity to share these spiritual health rituals with the world. Swoop your first 10 minute reading for $1.99 now available at Keen

With gratitude,