What Wellness Trends to Try Now

If you’re new to the site, welcome! If you’re a regular, welcome back! In addition to having this lovely site, I’m a Partnerships Editor at Hearst Digital Media. This wellness trend feature was written for ELLE.com, but I thought you guys would be interested in it too! Keep reading to see what trends you can check off your list:

Mainstream Meditation

Boost your productivity, reduce stress, and increase happiness with a mindful meditation routine. You can know get your OM on at your house with leading apps like Meditation StudioCalm, or Headspace or check out a meditation studio like Inscape or MNDFL for some additional guidance, herbal tea, and a lovely library chill session.

CBD & Me

People have been elevating their “high-vibe” wellness routines with the use of CBD oilssupplementsbeauty, and wellness goods. CBD (or cannabidoil), comes from the cannabis plant, but only contains .3 percent of THC. CBD can help reduce painful period cramps and help chill those anxiety-driven Sunday scaries. Although CBD can be found as easily these days, cannabis laws are always changing. We recommend doing your research first.

Non-toxic Beauty

The natural and non-toxic beauty biz saw an explosion of growth this year with green beauty boutiques like FollainCAP Beauty, and Credo opening across the nation. We see clean beauty as a movement that’s here to stay rather than a fleeting trend.

Stay Golden

Walk into a cozy cafe anywhere and you can bet that they’ll have a golden latte on the menu. The key-ingredient? Turmeric, a healing spice used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine that can add an extra kick not only to your coffee, but to just about anything.

Customized Vitamin Regimes

Give your body the vitamins and minerals it *actually* needs (without the hefty price tag) with customized vitamin regimes like Care/of. Simply take a quiz that covers your lifestyle, goals, and values and they’ll take it from there. New year, new you!

Bulletproof Coffee

Who would’ve thought that butter, a former diet-breaker, would now be a common wellness staple—and in coffee nonetheless! Blend bulletproof coffeebrain octane oil (a highly effective MCT), and grass fed butter or ghee together and voila, a brain-boosting foamy latte at your fingertips. Cheers!

Medicinal Mushrooms

Key word, “medicinal.” Chances are you’ve stumbled upon these herbal adaptogens (chagareishi, and cordyceps ring a bell?) in antioxidant-packed elixirs or powders at your local grocery or cafe—and for good reason! These nutrient-dense fungi pack a powerful punch combatting common issues like stress, adrenal fatigue, and inflammation.

Vitamin Drips

What better way to conquer a cold, hangover, or simply beautify from the inside out than infusing vitamins and minerals straight into your bloodstream? People are no longer scared of IVs, they’re seeking them out (we see you Goop Summit), and I can honestly attest to their superpower as an avid supporter and regular drip-doer. Wellness centers from coast-to-coast are incorporating these types of IV infusions into their fundamental therapy sessions, and it’s working.

Booze-Free Bashes

Event planners like Daybreaker and The Shine are throwing all-out ragers sans alcohol. Mindful social spots are also en vogue, like meditation studios that have chic cozy libraries and free herbal tea.

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