Kara Ladd is a multi-hyphenate mindful entrepreneur. She is the founder of a spiritual health & boutique marketing consultancy, co-founder of self-discovery company, Boundless Creatives, and consciously connects with others often as a speaker, writer, host & content creator. 

Ladd began her career working in the fashion closets of Cosmopolitan and Italian Vogue. She eventually landed at a boutique sustainable fashion consultancy where she spearheaded the creative and strategic marketing for high-profile clients such as Amazon, LVMH, Mulberry, The Real Real, CFDA in addition to building out the digital infrastructure and growth strategy internally. Later, Ladd pivoted back into editorial, working as Hearst Digital Media’s E-Commerce and Partnerships Editor, where she created optimized digital content for all 28 Hearst sites. Her features achieved up to 35 million page views worldwide. She left Hearst Digital Media in 2018 to start her consulting company.

On a personal note, Ladd is a one-in-a-million synovial sarcoma cancer survivor. Her enlightening health journey was the conduit for how she lives her purpose-full soulpreneur life today.