Best of Boundless: Clean Nontoxic Face Oils


‘Tis the season of freezing cold temps and turbulent weather conditions that aren’t exactly ideal to keep your skin luminous. Nourishing, clean nontoxic face oils are a prime way to keep skin hydrated, strong and fortified during the winter months. Furthermore, face oils have a myriad of amazing swoon-worthy benefits from zit-zapping characteristics (like tea tree oil) and inflammatory banishing (like argan oil) to ultra-hydration (like rosehip seed oil) and overall lipophilic skin strengthening. 

Say goodbye to dull and dry complexion and hello to dewy, bright and silky smooth skin! Here’s a roundup of my favorite clean nontoxic face oils to date. 

1. Best For: Overall Value

LXMI 33 Rare Plant Oil , $108











As a LXMI partner, I can’t recommend this face oil enough! The LXMI Regenerative Rare Plant Oil is packed with an exotic mix of plentiful phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, philanthropy *and* numerology? YES please. This conscious pick leverages the indigenous knowledge of sustainably-sourced, rare plants (like Brazil nut seed oil, black cumin seed oil, argan oil, baobab oil and more) from the purest corners of the world to produce a skin-deep glow from the inside-out. Furthermore, its name, the number 33, embodies a potent spiritual power of healing, harmony and humanitarianism. As if the brand didn’t already have it all, every purchase is in partnership with, Conservation International, a non-profit organization that works to protect ecosystems, biodiversity and wellbeing for all. If you’re looking for a catchall clean, nontoxic face oil, to integrate into your daily routine, this nutrient-dense golden botanical elixir is for you. 

2. Best For: Anti-Aging  

UMA Anti-Aging Oil, $85











Looking for an oil to turn back time? Look no further than UMA’s anti-aging oil, a concoction that not only makes you look younger, but feel younger. After just one use of this naturally-energizing oil, my skin felt softer, brighter and tighter. Packed with creativity-boosting peppermint, revitalizing rosemary, and plant-powered seed ingredients, this face oil is a morning routine must-have. Pro tip: add a couple drops to your foundation for a soft, dewy glow to sustain your energy throughout the day. 

3.Best For: The Beauty Junkie That Has It All 

Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum, $185











Yes, the price is high, but this oil truly works magic on deep pigmentation, texture and overall irregularities thanks to its 22-nutrient rich botanicals and essential oils. It’s super-powered formulation has multi-correctional functionality which helps restore’s your skin’s natural radiance by stimulating cellular turnover, revitalizing skin elasticity, strengthening capillaries, and protecting against free-radical damage. So although this formula isn’t equipped with 24K gold flakes, its price matches its efficacy. 

4. Best For: Sensitive Skin

Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil, $72 











Blue tansy is this clean nontoxic face oil’s hero ingredient — known for calming redness, irritation and stress, while honing in on balance. It’s a good choice if you’re a little confused on where to begin as it’s composition is formulated for any skin type looking for a little love and hydration. It’s also known as a natural antihistamine so great for year-round use! 

5. Best For: Hydration

Osea Essential Hydrating Oil, $68











Osea is a namesake brand in the clean beauty world. Their not-so-secret ingredient is bioavailable seaweed that is hand-harvested from the pristine waters of Patagonia. Channel that serene, mountain energy as you massage this nutrient-dense oil into your skin to restore a radiant glow. Key ingredients include: geranium flower, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, and rosewood oil — it’s honestly like a spa in a bottle.

6. Best For: Acne 

Odacite Grapeseed & Grapefruit Concentrate, $36











A go-to proactive acne prevention and management. This formula is rich in linoleic acid and grapeseed oil that helps fully cleanse your pores, while the grapefruit oil leverages antimicrobial and disinfectant properties to create a clear complexion that is guaranteed a compliment…or two.

7. Best For: Pigmentation

Agent Nateur Holi(Oil), $120  











Who needs the Bachelor when you have Bulgarian-Rose-infused oil?? Thanks to Holi(Oil)’s clean nontoxic organic oryza, rosehip oil, helichrysum, and vitamin C + E, this face oil will help lighten skin scars, brighten your overall complexion and more. Apply five drops to the palm of your hand and pat firmly and evenly on your face to soak up all of these “holi sh*t” wow benefits in both the morning and night. 

8. Best For: Brightening 

Youth To The People Superberry Oil, $44











Did somebody say antioxidants? This uber-enriched, fast-absorbing oil is packed with maqui, the most antioxidant dense fruit in the world, acai and goji, to create a triple-threat skin elixir that has a satisfying sweet scent. Add vitamin C and squalane oil to the mix, and we’re talking about a potent skin elixir that’s ideal to illuminate, hydrate and soften lines. P.S. Youth To The People’s Superfood Skin Reset Mask is also an all-time favorite. 

9. Best For: Sustainability (and scent) 

LOLI Beauty Plum Exlir , $68











Move over pomegranate (although there is some in there as well), plum oil is taking center stage! You will no doubt fall in love with the scent of this smooth and soothing face oil. The rich honey, almond, plum scent is truly to live for — and so are the benefits. Pamper yourself everyday with silky smooth skin. The organic, cold-pressed composition restores, nourishes, hydrates and more. Pro tip: massage into your scalp pre-shower for an indulgent hair hydration treatment. 

10. Best For: Fine-lines & Wrinkles  

True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil, $110












Saturate your skin moisturizer to fill-in fine lines with True Botanical’s Renew Pure Radiance Oil. True Botanicals stays true to its holistic roots utilizing a unique culmination of algae extract, passion fruit oil, chia seed and kiwi seed oils to deliver and retain skin hydration, while creating a protective barrier, shielding environmental toxins. 

11. Best For: Reducing Redness 

Naturopathica Carrot Seed Facial Oil, $64











Naturopathica never fails to impress. Put your best and balanced face forward with their carrot seed, clean, nontoxic face oil which is ideal when you’re looking for a calming and redness-reducing dose of hydration. This pick is a great travel buddy if your skin gets inflamed on-the-go — especially on overnight flights with it’s relaxing lavender oil addition. Get ready to wake up relaxed and rejuvenated with flawless skin. 

Many thanks to this post’s partner, LXMI. Kindly note, Kara’s opinions are her own and Boundless solely supports brands that align with its mindful mission and values.