Salt Haus Review

NAME: Salt Haus ($$)

KNOWN FOR: Halotherapy (AKA salt room therapy)

LOCATION: Upper East Side, New York City

SERVICES:Private or public halotherapy sessions. Salt Haus also has events and classes like sound journeys and yin yoga to upgrade your experience.


REVIEW (7.5/10):The space is fairly intimate with two small salt rooms with zen pebbled salt floors, salt brick walls, and salt-infused air.I attended a face yoga event, which was great to get “double the wellness” in one. If you’re with a friend, I would be mindful of talking loudly as people are typically meditating. Overall, I felt relaxed and I could breathe deeper after. I was also so salty! My skin was essentially covered in a very thin layer of salt dust.

TIME SPENT: 45 minutes

VIBE: Millennial with Insta-friendly decor. Great for all ages.

BONUS: The staff was extremely kind and approachable, not to mention more than happy to extend their knowledge about halotherapy.