Ash Wellness Center Review

NAME: Ash Wellness Center ($$$$)

KNOWN FOR: Customized, integrative medicinal, nutritional, and holistic wellbeing support

LOCATION: Upper East Side, New York City

SERVICES: An array of nutritional and medical testing (ie. digestion analysis, brain mapping, autoimmune evaluation etc.), IV Vitamin Infusions, Reiki, Acupuncture

TREATMENT DONE: Cancer-fighting vitamin C IV-infusions and nutritional consult

REVIEW: (8.5/10) This space leans more medical vs “wellness.” If you’re looking to tackle a persistent problem, Ash has cultivated a scholarly staff and culture. I went to this space during my cancer journey and always felt I was in the best hands — especially with Maureen Dodd, Ash’s resident reiki healer who is the real deal and comes from a lineage of healers.

TIME SPENT: 1.5 hours

VIBE: Old money elegance with a hint of modern zen

BONUS: The well-lit space is overlooking Central Park East and has some of the most comfortable lazy boys draped in faux fur blankets.