This Retreat Unleashed My Public Speaking Power

It’s no lie that retreats are having a moment right now — and if you know me, you know I love a solid solo escape into nature to reflect, release, and grow, both personally and professionally. So when I heard that mystical womaneurs Ruby Warrington and Alexandra Roxo were hosting a self-discovery Find Your Voice retreat at Kripalu Center for Health and Yoga, I had my ticket booked before you could say “kundalini.”

It’s fair to say that I go on retreats more often than I go to happy hour, A BIG change from good ole 2016 — thanks cancer… no really, thank you. Whether the retreat is health-, wellness-, spiritual-, or career-focused, I typically come back feeling mindfully rejuvenated, ready to kick some f#cking ass in the real world. This feeling typically lasts 2-3 days. However, Find Your Voice was different. It has been approximately one month (the retreat was July 5th-8th) and I still notice very distinct physical and mental transformations that have sustained since this expansive weekend of deep introspective work, spent side-by-side with 50 other women.

The transformations I experienced post-Find-Your-Voice retreat:

Photo Courtesy of Nadine Freniere.

1. My voice is stronger and louder

I didn’t notice this until I was back at home talking to my roommates about my retreat journey. I was taken aback at how confident and powerful my voice was — it was like I was Michelle Obama or something.

Find Your Voice featured various solo, partner, and group release rituals that unblocked past traumas, emotions, and experiences. Some techniques utilized variations of your voice like an intense breathwork session led by Roxo where tension was released through our throat via breath and sound.

Another highlight was when we stood back-to-back with a partner and sang at a kundalini disco hosted by the wonderful Amy K.— one of my favorite parts of the retreat by the way, I was so sober, yet so high on life. This moment of stillness made my heart sing — literally. The vibrations of my partner’s voice pulsed through my back and into my heart creating an instant connection — talk about heart-opening right? I’m now on the hunt for a singing coach (email me or comment if you know a good one!), not because I want to be a singer, but because I’ve realized how happy it makes me and how the the skill of singing can transcend to so many other practices — like public speaking and hosting events. So if you hear someone belting it out on the streets (likely semi-off-pitched), it’s probably me.

2. My breath is deeper and fuller

Photo Courtesy of Nadine Freniere.

After I experienced the breathwork, speaking, and astrological sessions led by Roxo and Warrington, I became more cognizant of my breath emerging from the depths of my gut rather than my chest. This is something that I’ve gradually adopted through meditation, but I never had connected my breath to my voice before — something so intuitive, but often overlooked. It’s common for us to take a deep breath before an interview, big date, or nerve-wrecking meeting, but what about breathing in the actual moment? That’s likely the most vital part of the experience right? In these types of settings, we tend to loose sight of the breath and fall victim to jaw-clenching and muscle tightening.

Ever since Find Your Voice I’ve been consciously relaxing and ballooning my belly to breathe the biggest breaths and calm my nervous system before, during, and after those important meetings or experiences. This helps to properly prep my vocal chords so I can speak eloquently and proudly. Who would’ve thunk that breathing (one of the most underrated remedies and something we ALL have been doing our entire lives) would be so transformative?

3. I listen better

Living in digital age of innovation, there are always so many screens and distractions whirling around us at all times. Retreats help ground me back to this planet and to the here and now. Find Your Voice incorporated a lot of partner and group work where you connected on a deep soul level from around the world —some I had a lot in common with and other’s, not so much. Nonetheless, no matter who I spoke to, I always learned something new — a lesson, a tip, or her personal story created a visual flashback to my own past, which then sparked me to reflect upon a past lesson of my own.

This retreat was an incredible reminder for me that people are placed into your life for a reason — whether they are a family member, your friend, or a random peer in passing. You never know what you could learn or the potential relationship that could develop down the road. Everyone on this planet has a purpose and a lesson to share, you just have to breathe, listen, be present, and most importantly, have a voice in order to discover it.

Many thanks to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Ruby Warrington, and Alexandra Roxo for hosting such a phenomenal retreat. If you want to learn more about Warrington and Roxo, check out more of their products and services below:

Shop Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington | Visit Moon Club, Co-Founded by Ruby Warrington and Alexandra Roxo | Book a transformative healing, coaching, or detox session with Roxo here |Visit Club Soda, Founded by Ruby Warrington and Biet Simkin | Visit The Numinous, Founded by Ruby Warrington 




  1. October 3, 2018 / 3:23 am

    Wow, I can’t believe I am just coming across this post. My heart is melting hearing about your experience singing back to back with a partner at Kundalini Disco! May your voice continue to carry your truth sister and your heart unite with the collective. I look forward to reading more and seeing you at another Moon Club gathering and Kundalini Disco!

    ((( <3 )))
    Amy K.

    • Kara Ladd
      October 6, 2018 / 8:32 pm

      Aw, thank you so much for your sweet words Amy! AND I met so many incredible, like-minded women like you. It was truly a transformative experience. Cheers to many more to come! xoxo Much love

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