Tips to Transition From Full-Time to Freelance

There is never the right time to take the leap into the freelance force. There will be people telling you that you’re crazy to leave the stability of your 9-5. There will be paralyzing fear. There will be financial challenges and there will be plenty of mistakes — which you, hopefully, will learn and grow from. I know this because I’ve been there. I just hit my 1-year anniversary as an LLC business-owner and I am still growing and learning throughout it all.

Although there are plenty of hurdles during the transition into entrepreneurship, know that you are answering the call to step into your highest self and hone in on your true power and purpose. This will be one of the most fulfilling journeys you have ever embarked on and I am so excited to hear your story as you ride up that elevator of entrepreneurial success. However, as fulfilling this dreamy freedom can appear, there is a lot of elbow grease that goes into curating your dream job.

Let’s get real about personal and professional preparation. Here are a handful of effective ways to conquer the change from corporate to freelance career queen to ensure that you are as prepared, confident, and supported as you can be.


As manifestation coach and expert, Lacy Phillips of  To Be Magentic says, have a “f*ck it fund” to lean on when you’re first starting out and need a little financial cushion and wiggle room to explore, create, and connect with likeminded expanders. Those coffees add up, starting saving your pennies now so you can create some real magic later.

Put a pen to paper.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve had coffee who want to “pick my brain” about entrepreneurship, but haven’t written out a single sentence about their business plan, budget, etc. on paper …or google docs lol. Just like brain dumps or morning pages, serious insights unearth when you write things down.

Connect with a likeminded community.

I joined The Upside last year and it has been so influential and beneficial for my career. The connections and conversations are insightful and awe-inspiring and cover all sorts of stories from wins to failures. There’s also communities like Dreamers and Doers.

Invest in support.

You can bootstrap your business for a while, but do realize there will come a time where investment in programs and people (ie. Proposify, Calendly, Asana, an accountant, an assistant etc.) will be instrumental in your growth and development.

Be flexible and open to all opportunities.

Within a week of me leaving my full-time editor job at Hearst, I was overwhelmed with consulting and partnership opportunities that I was like… “Where in the world were you a month ago?!” It’s truly incredible what happens when you create the white space for new opportunities and abundance.

Create a seamless transition.

Your leap into entrepreneurship is inevitably going to be a little rocky — mentally, emotionally, financially etc. So the least you can do is be vocal and communicative with your superiors at your current job and ensure that you are creating a seamless transition for the new associate. Wrap up projects, create a training guide, send your thank you’s and leave on a good note. The Devil Prada days are over. Kill them with kindness and don’t burn any bridges.

Best of luck and please do keep me posted on your journey! Email me at with your wins, losses, and lessons learned because I’m in this with you and want to hear from you!