Frequency New York Review

NAME: Frequency ($)

KNOWN FOR:  “A healing planetarium.” Community and self-connection through immersive, sensory experiences in an intimate tech-enabled sound dome.

LOCATION: Chelsea, Manhattan

SERVICES:A rotating class schedule including, but not limited to: breathwork + higher love, this is not a fcking soundbath, the courage practice and one-off workshops with co-collaborators. They also host corporate team off-sites.

EXPERIENCED: Forgiveness

REVIEW (7/10): Due to a delay in class start, I was able to connect with the other attendees on a deeper level in the waiting area (with couches) outside of the dome. The space attracts a likeminded community so despite the longer than expected wait time and some tech difficulties, it was actually amazing to chat with others who were on a similar mindful path and journey. There is water and complimentary yogurt, which seemed random, but kind. The actual immersive experience is similar to a planetarium, but with sensory-satiating digital visualizations mixed with a guided workshop experience. Although every class is different, I can see how the entire Frequency curriculum explores consciousness through connection to community and one’s self. There was both solo and group work done within the dome that explored letting go, forgiving oneself and others, affirmations and more. It’s a safe space that you can cry, scream or do whatever you want to release. I left the session feeling supported and nurtured, but also ~40 min. later than expected.

TIME SPENT: 1.5 hours (classes are 1 hour)

VIBE:  Expansive futurism

BONUS: I love how they welcome other teachers and artists to co-collaborate and host. I also left with a handful of business cards.