The Case for the Menstrual Period Cup

Boundless Contributor: Amber Fawson and Cherie Hoeger, Co-founders of Saalt

“Menstrual cup” might be its street name. But its real name is…

Madame President of Periodsville,

Hoover Dam of the Hoo Ha,

Goddess of the Utero,

Chalice of the Cha-Cha,

Knight in medical-grade silicone armor.

Grab a match. It’s time to burn your last tampon.

Did you ever think you’d hear a period product described as “life-changing”?  No joke, this is the single most common message we get from new cup users after trying the Saalt Cup — and we never get tired of hearing it.

Here are our three top reasons to make the switch:



It’s like when you open your first Apple laptop or find that perfect skin regimen. Once you make the switch to a cup— you never go back. In fact, The Lancet Public Health journal just issued a landmark meta-analysis on menstrual cups picked up by the The New York Times stating that

73% of new cup users wanted to continue using them after trying them.

And we’ve found the freedom from disposables can be so liberating to new users, that they literally become human megaphones, telling all of their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and random strangers in the tampon aisle — not kidding, we hear the stories. Though the cup can take some getting used to at first (does that even fit in there?!), once you have that first day when you get the cup to work flawlessly and it feels so comfortable that you forget it’s inside, a switch gets flipped. Rather than feeling dominated by your cycle, you start to embrace this natural monthly occurrence, and—dare we say—look forward to it!  We see it time and time again.

First, new cup converts start to talk freely about their periods in everyday conversation without feeling compelled to speak in code—no more talk about shark week or checking into the Red Roof Inn. Instead, cup users across the board tend to normalize the conversation and call it what it is—a period. By simply using a cup, a person naturally learns more about their body, which in turn creates an open and accepting environment surrounding a natural and necessary part of life. Who doesn’t love that? Using the cup introduces many people for the first time to their cervix height, changes in menstrual flow during their cycle, uterus position, and more. And because it helps them become more aware of menstrual health, we see cup users taking a more active role to improve their own health and become passionate mentors to new cup users. Two cheers for period freedom for all.



11,000 — that’s the number of single-use tampons one menstruator will use in their reproductive lifetime. If that’s tough to visualize, check out our Installation on Venice Beach for Earth Day, featuring 11,000 tampons in the sand and the biggest period cup you’ve ever seen. One tampon takes longer to degrade than the lifespan of the person who wears it, and tampon applicators are one of the most common plastics found washed up on beaches. Friends, we can do better.

Because one Saalt Cup can last up to 10 years, when you make the switch,

you’re saving 3,000+ disposables and 73 pounds of period waste from our oceans and landfills

— that’s quite an impact for a little cup. Saving our Earth happens through simple changes, one person at a time.

But there’s more. Imagine not spending your paycheck on tampons—ever. Welcome to freedom from the tampon aisle. No more emergency tampon runs when your period comes early or the mental math of matching different absorbencies to your flow. One Saalt Cup lasts as long as your passport! For some, ten years is a third of their menstrual lifespan. That translates to over $1,000 in savings to spend on, well, anything other than tampons. 😉



Tampons are getting a lot of press these days because of toxic components not required to be listed in the ingredients. We’re seeing a major shift in the marketplace where consumers are actively choosing safer and healthier options for themselves and the environment.

The cup is a remarkably safe and simple solution for period care.

The Saalt Cup is made from only two ingredients (medical-grade silicone and FDA tested silicone dye)

both of which have been tested for skin sensitization, cytotoxicity and even muscle implantation. Silicone is a remarkable material—naturally safe, inherently bio-compatible, and it forms a permanent chemical bond called a thermoset when it is molded, so it cannot ever melt or leach out any dye. And since there are no other chemicals, BPA, or latex used in the manufacturing process, it’s super safe. Our cups are manufactured in a facility that is ISO 13485 certified for medical device manufacturing, the highest manufacturing standard for medical devices available. The Saalt Cup’s raw materials are also sourced exclusively in the United States and are FDA compliant and tested for safety. For a medical device that is used in such a sensitive area, we wanted to have ultimate control of and visibility into our supply chain.



Making Saalt Cups might be the world’s greatest job. One of the phenomenon that repeats itself over and over again is having a person hunt us down, in-person or on social media, so they can list off to us all the reasons that becoming a cup user is the best thing ever. It is so much fun.

One of our favorite conversations like this was with a retailer who focuses on clean living and low-impact beauty. She has built her entire business off of curating beauty products that pass strict ingredient standards and eco-impact standards. When she shared how she decided to switch to the cup, she said she had heard of all of the benefits from a friend. Her friend told her that it meant no more worries about trace toxins in tampons, that the cup maintains your natural pH balance and is hypoallergenic, and that the cup is totally safe to wear for up to 12 hours, which means worry-free sleep on your period. Though she was initially drawn to how eco-friendly the cup is, she said the one thing that was lost on her until she tried a cup herself, is that a cup makes for a cleaner, easier, more comfortable period. She said she had no idea that she could wear her cup all day and feel totally comfortable, clean, and odor-free, and even forget she was on her period.

There are so many benefits to joining team cup. We know that using a cup for the first time can be intimidating for many people, but we’ve watched so many people educate themselves until they feel ready to try the cup, and wake up one day feeling brave and decide to give the cup a try. In the end, the cup will become one of your new best friends. You’ll have each other for 10 years! If you need further reassuring, check out our amazing community of period cheerleaders at our Saalt Cup Academy on Facebook.

Be forewarned, they will dispel any doubt you have to take the plunge and try the cup. We say ditch that tampon box under the sink, and give the Saalt Cup a try.


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