MNDFL New York Review


KNOWN FOR:  Thematic, guided group meditation classes

LOCATION: Greenwich Village, Manhattan (other: Upper East Side, Manhattan & Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

SERVICES: 30-, 45-, & 60-minute group or private meditation sessions. Themes include: breath, intention, sound, sleep, emotions, mantra, heart, energy, listening

EXPERIENCED: 30-minute guided intention meditation

REVIEW (9.5/10): I slipped off my shoes, and left all of my belongings at the front door — it’s a shoe- and tech-free space. I chose a cushion to sit on, but chairs are available to really relax during the session without any resistance. The meditation started with a brief introduction — specifically focused on “letting go.” The speaking portion was beautiful and really resonated with me. The meditation leader spoke intermittently throughout the session, acting as a laissez faire guide given the group’s expertise. Unfortunately, the windows of this studio face a brick wall, so not a ton of natural light. However, the smaller meditation studio in the back has a living wall and a sun roof which creates a more vibrant atmosphere. Post-session I felt slow, but in a really good way — less reactive. Although accessible, I would recommend doing a 60-minute to get your money’s worth.

TIME SPENT: 45 minutes

VIBE: Natural, mindful, and serene with tons of plants

BONUS:  Free Rishi tea and Follain products in the bathroom!


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