Hackd New York Review

NAME: Hackd ($$$$)

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KNOWN FOR:  Technologically-advanced fitness equipment with innovative recovery modalities

LOCATION: Chelsea, Manhattan

SERVICES: ARX Strength Training, HIIT bike, JOOVV Near Infrared light therapy, 3D Fit Scan, Muse, Infrared sauna, halo sport, juvent pro, HRV monitor, NanoVi, Live02 oxygen therapy, Huso, Normatec Boots, Hypervolt, Pemf, holistic health coaching, and multi-modality wellness packages

TREATMENT DONE: Normatec Boots, Huso, NanoVi rejuvenation therapy

REVIEW (9/10): The normatec boots were a personal fave. They are essentially compression leg sleeves and a game-changer to stimulate circulation. The Huso included two vibroacoustic wrist bands & headphones that played binaural beats that together, helped truly relax and ground my body — like meditation on steroids. The Nanovi was the least noticeable from a physical stand point, providing a steady stream of oxygen (Reactive Oxygen Species) to repair damaged cells and free radicals.

TIME SPENT: 1 hour (average session is 30 minutes)

VIBE: Intimate and minimal, focused on the equipment and community rather than beautiful design.

BONUS: The Founder, Pamela, has a background in biochemistry and is very science-driven, so you can trust that every piece of equipment has been thoroughly vetted.