Mama Medicine Review

NAME: Mama Medicine ($$$)

KNOWN FOR:  Modern, bespoke medicine readings and ceremonies rooted in ancient healing techniques

LOCATION: Soho, Manhattan

SERVICES: Solo, group, or couples medicine readings (available remote) and sound bowl consultations (available remote)

EXPERIENCED: Group medicine reading ceremony

REVIEW (9.5/10):We began with eye-contact emphasized introductions, deep breathing and singing to ground us to the present moment. Deborah introduced the collective energy and aura of the room, conveying any downloads she received upon arrival. We performed a short group ritual to clear and solidify the space before the ceremony. The rejuvenating ceremonial experience started with body-buzzing breathwork and lasted ~40 minutes. The sensory journey incorporated a blend of Deborah’s singing, singing bowls, instruments, plants and crystal healing — all which acted as vehicles for guests to receive information from our higher selves and guides. Every bespoke ceremony unearths unique experiences and emotions. This time, I was calm and energized. I left feeling supported and empowered, my body a little lighter than before.

TIME SPENT: 1 hour

VIBE: A chic, spiritual sanctuary. Palo santo saturated the air, flower petals blanketed the floor, and plants were draped elegantly everywhere. A semi-circle of warmed amethyst-anchored biomats were placed on the floor producing positive, inflammation-reducing infrared rays. Atop each mat was a pastel pink tie-dye blanket, a silk eye mask with a tissue for any healing tears, a crystal, and one pink rose petal.

BONUS:  Every guest isgifted a crystal (this time, fluorite), and the group is prescribed a revitalizing ritual bath.