Montauk Salt Cave Review

NAME: Montauk Salt Cave ($$)

KNOWN FOR:  Salt therapy sessions with fun wellness add-ons

LOCATION: East Village, Manhattan  (other: Montauk and Huntington, New York)

SERVICES: Communal or private salt therapy with: reiki, sound healing, tarot card readings, yoga nidra, meditation, cryo-facials, manis/pedis, brow-tinting, massage, and even lashes (say whaa)

TREATMENT DONE: Communal salt therapy with sound healing and reiki

REVIEW (8/10): The salt cave room mimicked a legit cave aesthetic with organic rock formations on the walls and ceilings with salt-pebbled floors. There were about 10 lazy boy loungers (game-changer!) with blankets. I wore loose-fitting comfortable clothing. Everyone received 1:1 reiki and sound healing with bowls placed on the body to maximize vibrational healing and biotuning benefits. My body was buzzing with a relaxed and restored sense of energy after the 45-min session. I physically felt the benefits of the reiki and sound healing more than the salt therapy, but these impacts are more subtle on an internal level. I recommend staying hydrated before and after as the salt is dehydrating. Lastly, don’t forget socks as you will wear them inside the salt room.

TIME SPENT: 1 hour

VIBE: A beach- and ocean-themed oasis in the city

BONUS: They have salt-inspired products that make great gifts — like mini Himalayan salt lamp night lights…cute!!