Your High-Vibe Sustainable Gift Guide

It’s no secret that Christmas is filled with tons of gift-giving — even for all of us conscious consumers out there! Alas, there are tons of ways to celebrate the holidays in a mindful way that doesn’t involve not gifting at all. To make sustainability simple for you without the stress, here are a handful of questions to ask yourself while your making your conscious Christmas list and checking it twice —

  1. Is this a thoughtful investment or an impulse buy?
  2. Does the product have a transparent and ethical supply chain?
  3. Does the product incorporate eco-friendly characteristics — such as, recycled or upcycled materials,  slow artisanal craft, natural fibers etc.?
  4. Does the product incorporate any toxic ingredients that are harmful to your and/or the planet’s health?
  5. What is the waste involved in this particular item? Is it recyclable, degradable, compostable? 
  6. Does the product give back in some way? Bonus points! 

If you’re still a little lost on where to begin, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Check out some of my favorite sustainable stand-outs from this past year across all categories — from eco-friendly home and ethical fashion to holistic wellness and responsible travel.

All of the following products and experiences are Boundless-approved and we’re created with a mindful awareness for not only our own health, but for our planet’s as well. Enjoy and Merry (conscious) Christmas! 

As always, questions and/or concerns about products are always welcome in the comments!