Kick Chemo Side Effects With This Therapy

When going through something as traumatic and tumultuous as cancer treatment, your mind and body instantly goes into fight or flight mode as your immune system weakens, energy levels plummet, and what feels like the worst hangover of your life takes over. But lets not get too negative as there are also powerful positives — one being that you are healing. These days, there are tons of medical treatments and holistic therapies that can help you battle chemotherapy and radiation. One that I recently discovered is Tune.Studio, a sound and vibration therapy founded by Kyle-Godfrey Ryan that not only aids to expedite healing, bringing your body back to a normal operating baseline (the majority of us operate below), but also strengthens your immune system, boosts energy levels, and elevates your mood — no pills, injections, or blood work necessary. Music to any cancer fighters ears!

Okay, I’m going to get medical for a moment, but stick with me. Here’s how tuning works — you lie on a bed as therapeutic music streams through headphones and the bed begins to vibrate. Different parts of your body begin to buzz with grounded energy based on the selected frequency, which range from energize and cleanse to meditate and recovery — check out the full descriptions here. The frequencies then release love hormones — and who doesn’t want heaps of love while battling something like cancer?! Lastly, your body enters the good ole “flow state”. The state that people talk about on the gram about being relaxed, centered, grounded, productive, and happy — essentially, living your best life. And that’s exactly how you’ll feel after a Tune session.

For cancer patients of any age, the frequencies cleanse, recover and meditate are recommended. I have personally only experienced the meditate frequency, but it was truly life-changing for my stress levels, mood, and productivity. I know if I was aware of this therapy during chemotherapy and radiation, it would be a game-changer. I couldn’t be more ecstatic that this therapy is accessible for cancer fighters, survivors, while also acting as a stress-management and preventative method for disease.

If you want to personally experience this technology and are based in New York, please check out lululemon lab or email . If you are not concrete jungle-based, no stress! Please help Tune.Studio expand to a location near you, no matter where you are. Feel free to email to get the ball rolling so soon enough, everyone can find their true tune.