This Brand Is Creating A Global Artisan Network

How many people did it take to make the top you’re wearing? How many miles has the dress hanging in your closet traveled? What is the story behind the print of your favorite jumpsuit? Just like “green” is seemingly the “new black”, the art of slow, artisanal craft is making a statement in the fashion world — with conscious brands like MATTER prints leading the way.

Photo Courtesy of MATTER

You may have heard of MATTER and their game-changing silhouettes, like the pants featured above and mindful design tweaks, like a jumpsuit that you don’t have to take fully off when you go to the bathroom — every girl’s dream come true. However, at its core, MATTER is a brand that goes beyond the seams to ensure that their garments are layered with sustainable integrity and collaborative purpose, all while making you feel like you’re wearing a fabulous work of artisanal art.

Purpose through Provenance

MATTER embraces slow, artisanal craft with a modern twist. Their inspiration stems from our basic survival roots — a time when we communicated through sacred motifs and thrived thanks to quality-over-quantity artisanal production. However, MATTER recognizes were not living in the past. Thus, they have innovated their heritage design techniques and business model through a collaboration-centric artisan strategy.

Photo Courtesy of MATTER

Currently, the brand partners with 20 artisan communities across the globe — from block-printing workshops in Sanganer to artisan cooperatives in Kannur. This synergistic network further enables artisan economic opportunity, upward mobility, and preservation of the craft from the grassroots.  

By balancing traditional handmade processes and mindful innovation, MATTER continues to evolve and thrive as a slow fashion pioneer bringing artisanal art to the mainstream market.

Sustainable Innovation

The artisans take a limited-edition production approach to create the raw materials so each product upholds that special “slow” quality that lasts for forever. However, MATTER isn’t scared to lean into mechanization when necessary. “We incorporate elements of digital and mechanical processes where it is more efficient, and handmade processes when we see that they have immeasurable human value,” says the brand on their site. MATTER acknowledges that both rural and urban production is necessary for long-term, conscious growth and impact. 

Another key to MATTER’s sustainable growth strategy is their product’s timeless prints and design. I consider each garment a reimagined closet staple. I love how the featured shirt dress is so versatile and the pattern will never go out of style. I can dress it up with heels and leather leggings or dress it down with a pair of flats. 

Buy Clothes That MATTER

MATTER embraces an all-encompassing authentic and sustainable approach to artisan-made apparel. The brand takes into account not only the product, but upholds a holistic mindful perspective, from carefully creating artisan communities and supporting their livelihood to educating consumers on how to create change through clothes. Want to shop more mindfully? Join me in the MATTER movement!

Many thanks to this post’s sponsor, MATTER. Kindly note, Kara’s opinions are her own and Boundless strives to support brands that align with her mission and values.

Original photography courtesy of Laurel Creative.