Take Care Face & Body New York Review

NAME: Take Care Face & Body ($$$)

KNOWN FOR: Microcurrent facials

LOCATION: West Village, New York City

SERVICES: Facials, Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Coaching

TREATMENT DONE: (day 1) microcurrent facial with diamond tip microdermabrasian, microcurrent facial, TMJ massage (day 2) craniosacral therapy

REVIEW: (8.5/10) Diamond-tip microdermabrasian is a must to remove dead skin and reveal a smooth glowy skin. The TMJ massage helped relax muscles I didn’t even know were tense — it was extremely effective. Craniosacral therapy was gentle and deeply restorative — on a physical and physiological level.

TIME SPENT: Approx. 1.5 hours each visit

VIBE: Spiritual chic with neutral hues, clean beauty products and faux fur, sculptural decor

BONUS: The estheticians have an intuitive touch and are able to not only help you put your best face forward, but your best self too. They pin-point physical & metaphysical blocks that coincide with your unique skin type and conditions.


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