Green Star Wellness Review

NAME: Green Star Wellness($$$)

KNOWN FOR: Shamanic Colonic — a spiritually-profound full-body cleanse

LOCATION: Flatiron, New York City

SERVICES: Colon hydrotherapy, Shamanic Colonic, Lymphatic Colonic, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Ear Candling, Reiki, Ion foot cleanse, Float therapy

TREATMENT DONE: (day 1) lymphatic massage (day 2) shamanic colonic

REVIEW: (9/10) Alexandra’s deep-rooted knowledge in shamanism and healing modalities is unparalleled. The lymphatic massage was very unique (almost felt futuristic) utilizing ozone wands to open up and drain the system, LED light therapy and an activating essential oil massage. The shamanic colonic uprooted a lot of mental and emotional shadow. I did feel a little ill after both therapies before I felt cleansed and energized.

TIME SPENT: 45 minutes

VIBE: OG esoteric mind, body, and soul healing

BONUS: The founder, Alex gave me a nutritional overview based on my blood type and a shamanic prayer so I could continue healing on my own time.