Where to Travel Based on Your Astrogeography

This past August, I spontaneously decided to ditch my cracker-jack box, 300 sq-ft studio apartment, put my things in storage, and wanderlust around the world for a month before moving in with my longterm boyfriend of 7 years — a mini solo-moon if you will. This kind of white space doesn’t come along often (if ever), and I wasn’t just going to couch-surf around Manhattan and waste away this opportunity — I’m an Aries rising and Capricorn moon, can you tell? Astrogeography Founder, Dara Dubinet, kept on popping into my life in many different ways — from friend referrals and podcasts to articles and simply intuitive pings, so I decided to follow through and book a session with her to help hone my high-vibe travels.

So, What Is Astrogeography?

“Astrogeography is the study of how planetary energies are affecting us in different locations around the world… It’s based on what positions the planets were in the sky at the moment of our birth,” explains Dubinet in her Intro to Astrogeography Course. “They are particular to each person, no two are the same and they never change,” continues Dubinet.

The esoteric system is also known as Astrolocality, the astrology of place and Astrocartography ™— trademarked by an astrologer named Jim Lewis in 1978. However, Dubinet dubs the study Astrogeography — the most straightforward and digestible term of the bunch in my opinion.

Similar to astrology there are lines, nodes, and planets — each related a different life discipline. For example the sun is your fame and reputation line and your mercury line is focused on communication.

Astrogeography Wiki – Cheat Sheet

Kara’s Astrogeography chart.

Each of the planet lines also signifies overarching energy of the location, potential challenges and/or experiences, associated stones and crystals that align and heighten the location’s energy, related colors and more. If you want to dive deeper into these topics and take your astrogeography knowledge to the next level, I highly recommend you checking out Dubinet’s course which dives deeper into these topics.

For now, I’ve outlined an easy Astrogeography cheat sheet for your reference —


  • Sun line (gold): Ego, fame and reputation
  • Moon line (dark blue line): Divine feminine and motherly
  • Mercury line (light green line): Communication — like writing a book
  • Venus line (dark green line) : Love, beauty, design, style
  • Mars line (red line) : Passion
  • Jupiter line (pink line) : Abundance
  • Saturn line (brown line): Responsibility and discipline
  • Uranus line (light blue line): Surprise and change
  • Neptune line (purple line): Spiritual
  • Pluto line (black line): Rebirth and growth
  • Chiron line (black line) : Healing
  • North and south nodes: Karma and fate

AS (Ascending) – Inner thoughts, how we are seen by ourselves and others

IC (Immum Coeli) – Home, security belonging

DS (Descending) – Relationships, what you attract physically, emotionally, physically

MC (Midheaven) – Social life and career

Although the descriptions above can be extremely insightful and informative, there are so many layers to this art that only a true expert like Dubinet can divinely deduce and convey in a concise and conscious manner. For example, there are crossings, combinations, and touches that get tricky because they truly create their own individual entity — pulling traits from all planets. You can schedule a one-on-one session with Dubinet here.

Inside My Personally Expansive Astrogeography Experience 

Before Dara and I connected, I had a list of about five locations that I was able to travel to the month of August. I knew I had to narrow it down though — I’m a Projector in Human Design, so this girl needs to embrace that slow(ish) lifestyle, even when on-the-go. I had an intuitive ping that going back home to Boulder, Colorado (where my parents currently live and where I graduated from college) would be nourishing on every level of my being. I also got invited to the Maldives multiple times for work.  It was very bizarre, but nonetheless, amazing and I truly am beyond grateful to have opportunities like this to travel and write about this beautiful planet.

Before heading into any astrogeography session, it’s wise to have a handful of places and/or intentions top of mind before you begin, as it can be time consuming to go through the entire globe.

I had honed in on the intention of introspection for the month of August. As you all may know by now, I launched a business development consultancy, Boundless Creatives, this past year for purpose-driven brands and it has been a huge learning experience for me, to say the least. I have been deep in the weeds of work, so I wanted the month of August to be a time where I could take a step back and become an observer of how far I’ve come and where I stand in the here and now — successes, pitfalls and everything in between.

As Dara glowed through the computer screen from Portugal (totally practicing what she preaches!), she eloquently spoke about my chart with zest and enthusiasm. She relayed how both Colorado and the Maldives landed on my Moon line — conveying a location filled with nurturing, belonging, mothering and yup… introspection. *cue jaw drop*

Colorado is on my Moon MC line conveying support for ambitious projects  — hi friends, family, college mentors and beyond!

The Maldives lands on my Moon’s node/IC line meaning that my interest lies in personal and simple pleasures here. I am surrounded by trust and maybe even a karmic past. I also can expect to discover hidden layers of my soul here.

So, I booked my tickets and off I went to spend three weeks in Colorado and 1 week in the Maldives for a work trip — and words still can’t even begin to describe my expansive experience.

In Boulder, I was able to fully release and immerse myself in the mountains, embracing utmost gratitude for nature, fueling boundless energy and greater clarity of my path and purpose. I connected with a couple key connections in regards to my career and also was able to overhaul the digital infrastructure of my business, creating a more seamless strategy for both myself and my clients.

Although the Maldives was a work trip, I was able to disconnect from work back at home and ground myself in the present moment in order to fully experience and write about this serene island oasis. Despite how amazing these press trips seem on the gram, I tend to work the majority of the time. But this time was different. I swam daily, meditated twice or more daily and even had the time and energy to work out and write in-between meetings. Everything just felt lighter here and more fun! Last, but not least, I had a REALLY exciting project come to fruition while I was in the Maldives…stay tuned.

Conscious Conclusion

Astrogeography is a system that I will no doubt use moving forward as a high-vibe travel guide to not only help me plan my next trip via the planets, but set my intentions based on the location as well. I can’t wait to integrate it more into my life and travels.

Shout out to the oh-so lovely and light-filled Dara Dubinet, who taught me all about this awe-inspiring, astrological art.

Again, if this resonates with you, I highly recommend you check out Dara’s course. I solely recommend products and experiences that consciously align and that I truly love, and this is definitely one of them.

Learn more about yourself and what locations align best with your intentions and your highest self and what locations may bring about some challenges in your life — catapulting your consciousness further into growth and evolution. Dara says it best…

“There is no bad news, only “aha” moments!”

As always, I would love to hear from you! Comment below, DM me @boundlessbykara, or email me at info@boundlessbykara.com to share your experience with this article and astrogeography.  


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