27 Things I Learned in My 27th Year

Your twenties can be some of the most transformative years of your life. I’ve experienced plenty of peaks and valleys to land where I am today — happy, health, and thriving with a healthy dose of challenges.

Here are 27 things I learned in my 27 years of life thus far….many of them from this year!

1. Breathe deeper and fuller. It’s one of the best ways to calm you down.

2. Meditation can be more energizing than a cup of coffee.

3. Make mistakes. They’re the catalyst for positive growth.

4. Slow is fast

5. Make decisions from your spleen — you’ll know right away whether it’s a yes or no.

6. I’m a 3/5 projector in Human Design — soo many lessons that go with this one.

7. Dance and sing more. It’s just as beneficial as yoga.

8. Less pressure, more patience.

9. Nothing outside of you can make you feel whole. Look within.

10. Stop clinging to the past. Change is constant. Enjoy it and lean into it.

11. Your space is one of the most impactful grounding factors in your life. Make it sacred.

12. Listen to what other people recognize you for, it will guide you to your devine purpose.

13. Sound therapy is the most modality that resonates with you most in the here and now.

14. Your mind can impact the physiology of your digestion and body.

15. Get rid of physical things to make space for new things, ideas, and abundance.

16. Listen to your body and its cravings. It will guide you in the right direction.

17. Check in with you how feel after a client meeting, friend date, night out, etc. to make tweaks to better yourself.

18. Stay curious.

19. Put a pen to paper and write what comes up. It’s extremely therapeutic.

20. Embrace financial wellness, it will help create more stability, confidence, and relaxation.

21. Health insurance as an entrepreneur and cancer survivor is convoluted. Do your research.

22. You can’t fill from an empty vessel. Take care of yourself.

23. Voice what you want. Say it loud and proud.

24. Digital detoxes inspire you. Disconnect to reconnect.

25. Nature is your best friend.

26. Listen to what is effortful and effortless. The effortless is your path.

27. Be shamelessly you.


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