4 Fall Tips To Recenter

Boundless Contributor: Kelly Lam, a wellness expert and founder of The Whole Purpose, an integrative wellness platform that builds personalized programs for individuals and corporations, addressing both physical and emotional wellbeing.

A change is in the air and pumpkins are back — not only in the fields, but also at your local coffee shop in the form of hot frothy pumpkin spice lattes. It’s official, the harvest moon has passed, reigning in the first days of autumn — which means fall wellness is here!

There’s something very special about the fall season that allows for re-grounding, shedding past patterns and focusing inward. But after the light, breezy summer season, it can be hard to move into the groove of shorter days and longer, cooler autumn evenings. Though Mother Nature is not playing a trick here, she is simply helping us adapt and come into a more introspective time of year where we can focus our wellness within and prepare for a much-needed dose of warmth and hibernation for the forthcoming winter season. 

To ease into fall wellness, it’s important to start eating from the earth and choosing grounding foods that can help bring balance back into life and give us energy. The Ayurvedic belief that food affects the body in different ways according to the food’s energetic properties can help create this balance in the body. Enjoying the season’s root vegetables that are growing around us, for example, can be very beneficial.

It is interesting to consider that as we ground for the season, so does our food. Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots and radishes all grow below ground and have wonderful nutrient properties for our bodies to enjoy. As a bonus, all these veggies are great for meal prepping because they hold their own and will last more than just a few days in the fridge. 

Here are some fall wellness tips to embrace this season —

Sweet Potatoes Just Got Sweeter


Sweet potatoes aren’t just for the holiday table; they can be enjoyed baked and topped with coconut oil and cinnamon for a sweet treat that is great for the stomach, as the high-fiber content in these little gems contain an array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium and selenium. Plus, coconut oil is a healthy fat that our brains need—at all ages—each day to function at their highest capacity!

An Apple A Day…


Apples are fantastic for snacking, baking and making chutney. And for apple lovers, autumn is the ideal season, especially for picking, which might just be one of the best outdoor activities this time of year that the whole family can enjoy. And never throw an apple out. If you have one that is just about to turn the corner, chop it up and fry in a pan with cinnamon, grass-fed butter or ghee and a dash of whole-leaf stevia for a delicious dessert or ice cream topping. If you have leftovers, place them in the blender to create a wonderful spread for toast or muffins, or enjoy as a chilled applesauce. 

Run with It


When fall activities come to mind, most of us immediately think of watching football on the couch, but there are many more activities and exercises to be had outside in the cool air!  Jogging amongst the falling leaves can be such a meditative experience, like yoga, which is not only meditative in itself, but also a grounding experience as well. Yoga teachers will start to steer their classes into grounding practices with less back bends and more forward folds. And of course, with the vast studios and gyms around the globe, we never have a lack of possible workouts or places to try new exercises. So, even though summer is gone, that doesn’t mean your workout has to be. Keep your body warm all season long!

Drink it Up 


As the temperature gradually decreases, our fluid intake should increase. Hydration is key all year long, so don’t shelf your water bottle. Instead, throw some seasonal blackberries inside your reusable bottle, fill it up and drink it down. Keep your water intake up to help reduce bloat, improve digestion and stay fuller longer to maintain your figure during the holidays.