10 Ethical V-Day Lingerie Styles for Every Kind of Chick

1. Naja | For the classic chick

[Christine Bustier, $68]

Naja is a true triple threat – a 360-degree, ethical and eco-friendly brand. The brand employs single mothers or female heads of households that are paid above market wages with healthcare benefits. Every child of the garment worker receives books, school supplies, uniforms and all school meals PAID. Just wait…they also have implemented an Underwear for Hope program that employs women in the slums of Colombia to make lingerie bags to aid marginalized women. Two percent of Naja’s revenue is also donated to local charities that provide education to these micro-entrepreneurs. Last by not least, Naja takes into consideration the environment by utilizing digital printing to eliminate water waste and use fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

2. Gilda & Pearl | For the glamorous chick

[Diana Kimono, $462]

This Austin Powers sheik powder pink kimono robe is just one of the many wonders of UK luxury lingerie brand, Gilda & Pearl. Each piece is hand sewn, embodying utmost craft and quality. I can totally see Mariah Carey rocking this… or me.

3. Brook There | For the fashionable chick

[Black Alchemy Organic Lingerie Set, $162]

Brook There is a “Made in USA” brand that exudes comfort and confidence–and this lingerie set is the epitome of those words. Dying over the slight rouging on the brief’s behind! Their foundation fabric is an organic cotton jersey, GOTS-certified and milled in South Carolina. Most of their fabrics are dyed in Pennsylvania, with a small selection being dyed by Brook in Maine.

4. Only Hearts | For the playful chick

[LouLou Heart Hipster, $48]

Founded in 1978, Only Hearts has a diverse shopping experience. From lingerie and sleepwear to lounge and athleisure, they totally have you covered. These “cheeky” red heart briefs portray the fun, naughty style that the brand often embraces. Only Hearts is proudly manufactured in New York City using local, deadstock and certified made in green textiles.

5. Araks | For the eccentric chick

[Laura Bralett, $135]

Made in New York out of the finest Italian fabrics, this Araks bralette’s cohesive clash of hot pink and merlot red make for a frivolous, sexy night. Araks is a delicate and dreamy brand founded by a Parsons and CSM grad – so you know the brand knows a thing or two about creativity and quality. Scroll their site for more hot finds!

6. Sloane & Tate | For the comfy chick

[Paradise Cove Soft Bra, $55 / Echo Park Brief, $32]

If anyone knows me, they know I’m obsessed with stripes. So, of course, I had to feature these and the best part is that Sloane & Tate is a budding West Coast ethical brand. The lingerie and lounge label is manufactured in LA by women that are paid fair, sustainable wages. They are a brand that I see a lot of potential so I’m excited to see what other ethical and environmental projects they pursue in the future.

7. Ayten Gasson | For the hippie chick

[Holly Silk Bed Jacket, $121]

If I wore this I would feel like a 70’s ferry, and I would love it. The splash of ostentatious hues bring this “bed jacket” to life. Ayten Gasson is a luxury UK lingerie brand that launched in 2005. The founder not only focuses on quality construction with peace silk and organic silk, but upcycling vintage Nottingham lace as well showing her commitment to the heritage craft of lingerie design and sustainable production.

8. Base Range | For the basic chick

[Mississippi Bra Velour, $76]

Don’t let the title fool you. The Danish, French brand, Base Range, is not just for the basic babe, it’s for anyone who embodies an easy, effortless lifestyle. The line favors clean, modern garments made of high quality, organic fabrics that benefit both the producer and consumer while minimizing environmental impact. Think of apparel you would want to “live in.”


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