What Is Nontoxic Apparel? This Brand Knows.

Kara in ROUND PLUS SQUARE Basic Boxy white tee. (Photo Courtesy of  Jacob Oberhansly)

So, you’ve transitioned to organic food and have a solid clean beauty routine, but what about the clothes that are hanging in your closet that you wear all day everyday? With sustainable and fashion on the rise, it’s no doubt that consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, but we have to think about not only how consumption effects the planet, but how it effects people too, specifically, our health — enter nontoxic fashion.

ROUND PLUS SQUARE, is a sustainable fashion-meets-feminist brand that goes above and beyond to ensure that their clothes are sustainable, ethical, philanthropic and nontoxic — a true, well-rounded conscious brand. Most recently, they developed a line of short- and long-sleeved tees made with GOTS-certified cotton, organically farmed in Turkey. I’ve truly been living in these tees. I am not only obsessed with the product, the versatility and the comfort-factor (they are super soft!), but with the conscious, nontoxic production process as well.

Kara at Follain nontoxic beauty store in ROUND PLUS SQUARE’s Basic Boxy Tee in Olive Nights. (Photo Courtesy of  Jacob Oberhansly)

Similar to nontoxic beauty, but with more strict regulations, nontoxic apparel means clothing in which harsh or harmful chemicals aren’t used at any point during the production process. The majority of nontoxic apparel companies, like ROUND PLUS SQUARE, have reputable stringent certifications like GOTS-certified and use only natural textiles that also help prevent synthetics like microplastics from entering our pipes and oceans.

So, what does GOTS-Certified actually mean and why does it matter?

Kara in the ROUND PLUS SQUARE Relaxed Long Sleeve in white. (Photo Courtesy of  Jacob Oberhansly)

Similar to the USDA organic symbol for food, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading processing standard for organic fibers and textiles. A brand can only obtain this certification if at least 70% of the textiles used are organic — not an easy task may I add, especially for a brand. In brief, GOTS conveys the quality of the organic textile and regulates all chemical, toxic inputs (ie. dyes) used to ensure your body stays toxin-free.

ROUND PLUS SQUARE made GOTS-certification a priority when the brand was first founded proving their authentic integrity and commitment to using the highest ethical, environmental and social standards.

Why is it important to wear natural fibers vs. synthetic?

Approximately, 60% of apparel today is made from petroleum-derived synthetic fibers — polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers blends. Synthetic textiles contain chemicals that can cause health traumas like neurodevelopment in children, immune disorders, and hormone-related cancers. They also require a large amount of energy to farm and take anywhere between 20 to 200 years to decompose.

There is no way to fully escape these toxins, so don’t drive yourself crazy, but there are ways to be more mindful by ensuring your clothes are GOTS-certified and made of natural textiles. Think of sustainable shopping as voting with your dollar. Support brands that you truly trust and love. For me, ROUND PLUS SQUARE has been on my sustainable shopping list ever since I first discovered them.


Kara in the ROUND PLUS SQUARE Relaxed Long Sleeve in black. (Photo Courtesy of  Jacob Oberhansly)

Both the ROUND PLUS SQUARE’s short-and long-sleeved t-shirts are incredibly soft and have a bit of breathing room, providing a relaxed fit that is perfect for every occasion — from lounging around the house to feeling comfortable and confident in a work meeting.

I’m typically a bold accessories gal, so basic tees are a closet staple for me. They are also a great starting point to build a more versatile, sustainable and nontoxic wardrobe.

Finding the perfect tee in and of itself can be a challenge. Add eco-conscious, nontoxic, philanthropic and stylish standards to your list and there are few and far between. That’s why ROUND PLUS SQUARE stands above the rest.

Learn more and shop ROUND PLUS SQUARE here.

Many thanks to this post’s sponsor, ROUND PLUS SQUARE. Kindly note, Kara’s opinions are her own and Boundless strives to support brands that align with its mindful mission and values.


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