A Potion A Day…Why I Adopted Herbal Adaptogens

As most of you know from Instagram, I had a bit of a speed bump in December as I was recently diagnosed with the big C (aka cancer – specifically a very rare form called synovial sarcoma). In all honesty, I’m not too fond of the word “cancer” so I opted for the word “cantaloupe”– my roommate and I both thought of it at the same time so voilà, word officially replaced. My synovial sarcoma diagnosis has taught me stay in tune with my body and research in-depth how I can improve my slow and all-natural lifestyle in regards to nutrition. I have been fortunate to have a large network of friends, family and influencers who have recommended many green, holistic products to help me battle cantaloupe – nutrition, fitness, beauty and of course, fashion. One in particular that was religiously recommended was Sun Potion Transformational Foods.

Head to their site and you are instantly immersed in a world of healing crystals, mushroom powders and adaptogenic elixir recipes. I first tried Sun Potion beauty elixirs at Neuehouse during a coffee break, but even having this 20 minute fireside chat to go off of, I was still pretty lost. Overall, it’s a lot of information and it can be pretty overwhelming.

I created a briefing on what Sun Potion transformational foods I take and how I find it beneficial for my synovial sarcoma diagnosis, in addition to my green lifestyle. These organic tonics are extremely healthy for you and are amazing to take whether you are battling a disease or not. As I learn more about Sun Potion, herbal adaptogens and other transformational foods, I want to expand this article to better both you and me. First, a little run down.

What are Sun Potion transformational foods?

A company that utilizes the earth to form organic, all-natural, healing herbal powders (AKA adaptogens) infused with medicinal and superfood qualities that heighten ones overall health, happiness and well-being.

In other words…

They are mushroom and plant powders that you can make into teas or even add to your fave salad or avo toast combo that boost vital body functions like immune system, energy, fertility etc.

So what about the look? (A.K.A. I want to social media it, so are they pretty?)

The containers aren’t gorgeousss per se. They come in a cobalt blue powder jars (think of a mini, transparent protein powder container) and some in more large ziplock packages with gold labeling. However, there is a pretty cool purpose. Apparently, the jars have some amazing healing energetic forces that help protect the herbs from the sun – that is one powerful jar right there. Stack them with your other vitamins or teas and they’ll fit right in. Pretty basic, and I mean simple not as in “basic bae”, because we are far passed that. As for the legitimate product, it looks a lot like what it is – powdered mushrooms and roots. Ranging from a chocolate brown to taupe, all the tonic herbs have a different look, feel and smell. A little trick if you’re drinking them: put the powders in before you add water to prevent residue sticking around the edges of the mug. Now, down to business…

*It is very important to check with your doc and/or nutritionist before taking these as it can counter effects of medical treatments – these herbs are no joke!

1. Reishi | Queen Healer Mushroom


What: Dubbed the “superior herb”, this USA-grown natural mushroom powder originated from ancient Chinese and Japanese culture and is highly recommended for those battling any type of cancer. For those not looking for holistic cancer recs, this mushroom is said to be the “key to vitality” as it’s a true superfood that is tied to profound healing abilities.

The basics: It’s a light taupe, fine powder that smells and tastes a lot like flour.

Best for: Immunity, longevity, stress, liver protection, circulation

How to: I mix with warm water and other Sun Potion powders as a night cap, but can’t wait to try it in a smoothie! When you have cantaloupe, you’re supposed to lay off the sugar (even natural – aka fruit) so I’m trying to scale back on the berry smoothies and go green–yet another part of my life where I’m proud to go green! You can also try Reishi as a stand alone tea before bed so it works its magic overnight. Sun Potion recommends mixing this specific supplement with Cordyceps.

*Kee Chang Huang reported that reishi “exerts a synergistic effect with other anticancer chemotherapeutic agents or radiotherapy, to augment the clinical therapeutic effect in the treatment of cancer patients” (1999) – Sunpotion

2. Chaga | King Healer Mushroom


What: You know this mushroom is powerful when it is at the core of three different historic healing geographies: China, Japan and Siberia Shamanic tradition. Sun Potion’s particular powder is sourced from Northern Canada where the freezing temperatures causes the compounds to concentrate so our bodies can consume them.

The basics: It’s a well-grounded, dark brown mineral powder that smells a whole lot like cocoa powder.

Best for: Overall wellness, immunity and energy

How to: Slowly sip and enjoy as a hot tea additive. Again, I mix this powder with the other adaptogens listed to make a nightly elixir. This powder is also primo to sprinkle over some fresh avocado toast. Not only does the powder smell like cocoa, but tastes like it too. If you’re one to have a sweet tooth in the morning, here’s to curbing your AM cravings!

3. Astragalus | The Great Protector


What: An extract of the astragalus root, a powerful immune-strengthening plant, sourced from Yunnan Province, China. According to Dr. Axe, the supplement has been proven to alleviate the unpleasant side effects of chemo. This miracle root’s benefits stretch far beyond just cancer, aiding to fight off numerous other illnesses and diseases.

The basics: Tan, fine powder that smells like honey.

Best for: Overall wellness, skin, digestion, immunity, energy

How to: Mix powder with warm water or tea similar to other herbs. Smoothies are a great option for this supplement as well!

*Quoted to have anti-tumor effects! – Sun Potion

4. Tocos | Rice Bran Solubles


What: The sprouting rice is a derivative of organic brown rice. There are so many vitamins and trace minerals jam packed within this grain: from vitamin A, C, and E, to folic acid, biotin, iron, zinc etc. In addition to having skin, tissue and muscle benefits studies suggest that vitamin E lowers risk of cancer (ding ding ding!)

The basics: A larger, granular texture that smells like white rice.

Best for: Connective tissue recuperation and muscle function (amazing for after surgery!)

How to: Add to smoothies or elixirs to create a a thicker, creamy drink. It’s almost as if you’re drinking a milkshake after a couple tablespoons of this powdery potion!

Kara’s Nightly Elixir Recipe


  • Heat 1 cup warm water
  • Add in the following:
  • 1/2 Tsp. Reishi
  • 1/2 Tsp. Astragulus
  • 1 Tsp. Chaga
  • 1 Tbs. Tocos
  • 1 Tbs. Coco Butter

*I didn’t include coco butter in the above breakdown considering it isn’t a part of Sun Potion, however CAP Beauty has an amazing all-natural, raw butter that is perfect for this tonic.

Some other brands I love are Four Sigmatic (10% off with code boundless10), Moon Juice, and Live Ultimate.

Shop, sip, and heal away my friends!