How to Beat Monday Blues

It happens to all of us. You wake up in a snarky mood some days and you just don’t know how to kick it. No matter how many wellness and self development rituals you do your mind is still in the gutter. You might as well wake up at 3am to do them all and live a happy and healthy life right? WRONG. Keep reading for a handful of quick and easy hacks that I do whenever I wake up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning.

1. Accept it

Growth isn’t linear. There are going to ups and downs along the way. Reflect if there is a reason why you are feeling this way — is it stress, self doubt, organization etc?

2. Journal about it

I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t journal all that often. I write a ton for work and a lot of notes on evernote, but I rarely sit down and flush out my brain in the morning.  However, when I do, I feel so much lighter and more positive about life. It’s almost like when you start your as cynical as ever, but when you get farther and farther down the page it begins to slowly shift to positive verbiage. If you don’t know where to start, check out Katie Daleabout’s book Let It Out.

3. Meditate on it

Meditating isn’t all about emptying your mind so you don’t feel anything. It’s about accepting that you’re having these negative thoughts bubble within you and you let them go. If you meditate for a long enough period of time you get to a point where I like to call a bliss state — where your mind and body feel so good that you almost feel like you’re floating in mid-air.

4. Be grateful for it

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about gratitude lists lately — and for good reason. They are such an easy way to get your head out of a negative spiral. Whenever, I was having a bad day at work, I would take a break walk outside and think about why I was grateful about my job. It’s best when you have this ritual regularly intertwined within your routine. For example, The Secret mentions, when you brush your teeth is a great time to recite your gratitudes, whether that’s mentally or out loud. My boyfriend and I sometimes recite ours nightly together.

5. Love it

Not to sound too abstract here, but when you radiate positive, loving vibes, other people will treat you with that same high-vibe respect. Every morning, try to state, “I love you (your name). It may sound super awkward at first, but it will start to feel more normal and you will truly start to believe it. Self love is one of the most potent forms of self care. Believe it, embrace it, own it.

Most importantly, pass the positivity on to others! 

Other tips that I love include —

6. Turn on your favorite music and dance a little

7. Move your body… because endorphins are real

8. Listen to an inspiring podcast

9. Turn off social media and focus on yourself. I call it “having blinders.”

10. Call a friend and talk it out


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  1. Phyllis Abrams
    January 15, 2019 / 7:08 pm

    Loved reading “beating the Monday blues”! I couldn’t think of a thing to add to it, even though aa a therapist I was giving that advice out almost daily for years. You said it all so well. Glad to hear you and John practice sharing your gratitudes….such a good idea! I hope you are nicely settled in your new place. Love you lots, Grandma

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