Best of Boundless: Organic Underwear

Underwear is one of those products that we don’t think about too much. Unless we’re trying to look or feel a little sexy, the only thing we typically care about is if the underwear fits and if it’s comfy! You feel me?

But, hear me out, have you ever considered what your underwear is made of? You may not think organic underwear makes much of a difference, but it sure does for the environment, factory workers, and not to mention, your own bod. Most underwear is made from cotton – a crop heavily treated with unnecessary, harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde and insecticides, that puts workers, their environments, & your health at risk. Thankfully, that isn’t the case when you go organic!

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton underwear is your best bet as it’s grown organically, must be environmentally friendly, and must meet socially responsible manufacturing standards. We’re talking biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic, fair trade, and everything in between, cotton! With GOTS certified cotton there’s no need to worry about where it came from, who manufactured it, your carbon footprint, or chemical residue absorbing into your skin. I think we can agree that opting for organic and sustainable undies is a much safer choice, for the planet and people.

So, the next time you shop for underwear, be more mindful of the materials they’re made of as it can have a great impact on the environment, the health of others, and your own well-being. If you’re ready to make the conscious switch, here are some of my favorite organic and sustainable underwear brands to check out!

Organic Basics

At Organic Basics, it’s crystal clear that sustainability is at the brand’s very core. They only partner with factories that share the same sustainability vision – low environmental footprint, no child or forced labor, a safe and respectful workplace, a living wage, etc. OB’s underwear comes in materials like organic cotton, Tencel (wood pulp and biodegradable), and SilverTech (a mixture of polymer fibre, real silver and organic cotton) with simplicity and functionality at top of mind.

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This organic underwear brand makes shopping for undies super simple. Just pick one of the four styles, select a color, a size and you’re set! Knickey’s underwear is gentle on the skin, breathable, and all made from organic cotton in fair trade factories. What makes Knickey even more amazing is that they allow you to recycle your undies and keep them out of the landfill! Circular economy FTW.



Style-meets-sustainability here at Boulder-based, Pact. This brand is committed to offering clothing and undies made from organic cotton at affordable prices. From high-rise hipsters to barely-there lace thongs, Pact has an amazing range of options available! You can even save some dough by purchasing styles in packs of six.



For Underprotection, there is no reason sustainable underwear should look any different than stylish conventional ones. Underprotection puts conventional lingerie to shame with their sexy, eco-chic pieces and green practices! Each of their delicate, lacey undies are made from an assortment of sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled lace, Tencel, and more. Their bras are one of the only brands that have removable pads as well so if you’re looking for a little extra support & coverage in a lace bralette, this brand is your best bet.


Brook There

Sustainability and elegance are at the core of Brook There’s design philosophy. Handcrafted in Massachusetts, each piece is made of organic, low-impact materials and each package shipped in Eco-Enclose and recycled tissue paper. Brook There offers feminine, minimalistic underwear in a range of pastels and earth tones that are idyllic for any eco-chic connoisseur. 


We Are Hah

This women-owned brand has a line of eco-lingerie made from eco-friendly, corn sugar fabric that arrives at your door in recycled plastic bag packaging! Choose from different styles like thongs or boyshorts and even bodysuits and biker shorts. With a handful of colors and cheetah print currently up for grabs, keep an eye out for the eco-chic styles they have coming soon! 



Boody underwear is good for your booty! In all seriousness, Boody crafts its underwear from organic, sustainably-grown bamboo viscose that is known to be great for sensitive skin and of course the environment. All of their underwear is smooth, breathable and durable with minimal and timeless design. 



If you’re a conscious consumer who loves fun, loud patterns then you’ll love Thunderpants! Originally from New Zealand, they’re now being made in the U.S. as well. These organic cotton undies are specially cut to be seamless, prevent dreadful wedgies, and to be form-fitting. With so many colors and unique patterns, Thunderpants makes wearing underwear cute and comical!