wthn New York Review


NAME: wthn

KNOWN FOR:  New-age, accessible acupuncture

LOCATION: Flatiron, Manhattan

SERVICES: Acupuncture with value-adds — such as LED light therapy and cupping (FSA accepted)

EXPERIENCED: Single acupuncture session with cupping

REVIEW (9.5/10) : wthn is a wellness destination that may or may not make your jaw drop when you walk into the space. The bright colors and organic architecture paired with a sweeping wellness shop and the sweetest staff, make it a must-see, even without the acu! I went for a single session where I sat down briefly before with a practitioner to talk about my high-level concerns before I became a human pin cushion. After our chat, we decided what value-add (LED light therapy or cupping) was best. I went with cupping. The practitioner was educating me along the way as he placed the needles, but not in an annoying, overly zealous way. My favorite part of the experience is the warming bed, it makes the entire experience super cozy. A heated blanket is placed on top of you about 20 min into the session and you can choose either a guided meditation or binaural beat music — both are really fantastic, but I would choose the guided meditation if it’s your first-time or if you’re a wellness newb. After the session was up, I felt somewhat high, my body loose and relaxed. The cups barely left marks on my back either showing that they were put on too soft, or I’ve been really killing my detox game lately.

TIME SPENT: 1 hour (~15 min consult and ~45 min session)

VIBE:  Friendly and welcoming with tons of freebies

BONUS: They have free tea, crystal-infused water, and don’t forget to grab a couple of their free private label supplements on your way in or out — a couple jars are typically open for customers to try!