The Best Day to Set Your Intentions


There you are scrolling through Instagram just like any other day and all of a sudden you see a slew of tattered journal photos that have “February Intentions” scribbled in cursive at the top and a curated color list of 5 monthly intentions… anyone relate?

Intention setting has become quite the trend, and don’t get me wrong, I’m all about it. It’s fantastic that society is becoming conscious enough to take the introspective time to reflect on the past and present in order to move forward. However, did you know that the first of the month actually isn’t the best day to set your intentions?

According to acclaimed astrologist, Rebecca Gordon,  the New Moon is actually the best day to set your intentions.

Who is Rebecca Gordon?

I’m always blown away by Rebecca Gordon’s eloquent words and profound wisdom. To help ideate and refine your intention setting and goals, check out her latest class Astrology for Entrepreneurs. It’s great even if you aren’t an entrepreneur. All the skills transcend to the professional world and beyond. She also does one-on-one sessions as well.

Why the New Moon?

Back to the moon. A new moon marks the start of a new lunar cycle and it effects on not only our solar system, but ourselves as well. It’s all about embracing the new, boosting our energy, and refreshing our looks. See below for a handful of things to do on the New Moon —

  • Go to a fun event where you don’t know anyone
  • Cut your hair
  • Sign a contract
  • Try a new workout class
  • Start a new passion project

As you can see, these all align with moving forward with new experiences and relationships. Given that our bodies are 70% water and the moons gravity moves ocean tides, just imagine what affect is has on our minds, bodies, and souls!

So to answer the question, every New Moon is the perfect day to supercharge your monthly goals and intentions. Thanks Rebecca, you always know what’s up — literally.

If you want to learn more about astrology and the moon phases, check out Rebecca Gordon’s workshops, her plethora of published work, or her book!


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