What to Wear to the Women’s March?

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ROUND + SQUARE’s Women’s Girl Power Crewneck Round Hem Tee, $50 

On January 21st, 2017, approximately 4,157,894 activists from around the globe took the streets decked out in their feistiest feminist garb for, what turned out to be, the largest single-day protest in history. The worldwide protests were sparked because people felt like their human rights, from reproductive and LBGTQ rights to immigration reform and environmental protection, were at risk after Trump took office. With the march’s anniversary right around the corner, what better time to take a look back on how the 2017 march impacted the feminist fashion industry so you can consciously and confidently rock your women’s march armor this year.

“(Clothing) allows other people who may not get to places like Washington D.C., to show that they are in solidarity.” — Tanisha Ford

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Last year, pink-pointed pussy hats (which many have ditched this year to further inclusivity) and Nasty Woman tees (where 50% of the proceeds were donated to Planned Parenthood) dominated women’s march #OOTDs — and for good reason!  Shrill Society, the famed site that sells the notorious Nasty Woman tee, has donated over $130,000 to date! Other activists showed their support for solidarity through their unique sense of style — many with upcycled wardrobe staples that had drawings, embellishments, and of course, a pop of pink.“One of the benefits of using clothing as a sign of one’s politics is that it allows other people who may not get to places like Washington, D.C., to show that they are in solidarity with a movement like the Women’s March, ” said Tanisha Ford, author of Liberated Threads: Black Women, Style, and the Global Politics of Soul.

Fashion has always been a vital channel for communication and a way to show support for what you believe in — pantsuits and red trucker hats ring a bell? However, amidst the fearless and fashionable feminist fight it is more pertinent than ever that we take a 360-degree conscious approach when buying feminist fashion so we are not contradicting the values that we are so proudly advocating for.

“Not only will the sayings on our shirts speak volumes, but the quality and sustainability of the shirt does too”

After last year’s marches, demand skyrocketed for graphic tees displaying punchy one-liners like “Feminist AF”, “The Future is Female”, and “Nevertheless, She Persisted.” It’s no doubt being a “feminist” is now trendy. Everyone wants their hands on a cute, comfortable, and (of course) affordable tee that touted their allegiance to the fight for their rights — which is absolutely incredible to see a swift rise in inspiring empowerment among females across all generations. However, with  the rapid rise of demand means a likely influx of fast-fashion production, unethical practices, and exploitation of workers. While we’re fighting for our right for equality, and justice we must not realize that not only will the sayings on our shirts speak volumes, but the quality and sustainability of the shirt does too — and debatably more.

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The point is, expression of style is just the first layer of the onion! What about the textiles use, production location, ethics, or philanthropic donation? Of course we never want to condemn women for supporting other women and fighting for their rights. However, we want consumers to be more conscious of their purchasing habits because modeling a feminist fast-fashion tee is actually undermining the women (and men) that made it. Just think, how hypocritical is it to buy that cheap tee, boasting a strong female-focused statement, only to realize that it was made by an underpaid, overworked woman in a sweatshop abroad in Bangladesh? Walk with pride this women’s march and stick to brands you can trust like ROUND + SQUARE!

“ROUND + SQUARE — a true triple threat.”

ROUND + SQUARE is a sustainable fashion brand that has used it’s company as a vehicle towards systematic change from the grassroots. Not only is the brand trendy with vibrant graphic tees and chic neck ties, it is a conscious brand that upholds superior ethical standards, environmental stewardship through 100% organically farmed cotton and yarn recycled from PET bottles, and female stewardship by donating 30% of profits to Equality Now, an organization that uses the law to create a more just world where women and girls enjoy the same rights as men and boys — a true triple threat.

Shop some of my favorite ROUND + SQUARE products below as well as other sustainable, feminist fashion picks to add to your women’s march 2018 ensemble.

ROUND + SQUARE Let’s Make Equality Reality Silk Bandana, $65 
ROUND + SQUARE Women’s Equal Power Crewneck Tee, $35
Stella McCartney Powered By Women T-shirt, $345 Clare V. Vive La Resistance Bandana, $55
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