Higher Dose Review

NAME: Higher Dose ($$)

KNOWN FOR: Insta-worthy Chromotherapy Infrared Saunas

LOCATION: Multiple locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Connecticut

SERVICES: 30- and 60-minute Infrared Saunas (1 or 2 people), CryoFacial, Cryoskin (facial toning, body slimming, body toning), Infrared Blanket, Magnesium Wrap + Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Salt Bed

TREATMENT DONE: Magnesium Wrap & Lymphatic Drainage Massage

REVIEW:I stripped down, was massaged with magnesium gel and was wrapped with coban wrap (medicalcompression wrap) as opposed to plastic wrap, which I appreciated both from an eco and health perspective. I learned that the plastic is typically coated with caffeine/soy, which are both hormone disrupters, so do your due diligence! I sweat it out in the infrared sauna for ~ 25 minutes, listening to meditation music (there is a hot-proof box for your phone), while experiencing the same muscle unbounding, relaxing benefits as a typical session — just with more sweat and a slight tingling sensation from the magnesium. After the sauna, I was unwrapped and dried off for a ~30 min lymphatic massage. My masseuse, Chloé, used both her hands and roller-like tools to help move stagnant fluids and unclog my lymph nodes. This isn’t your typical relaxing massage, it’s definitely more rigorous. I felt revitalized and was literally leaner (noticeably around my waist and forearms) right after the treatment. The next day, I did feel slightly ill due to the detoxification process, but these side-effects diminished throughout the day as I hydrated more.

TIME SPENT: 1-hour

VIBE: Cool-girl wellness

BONUS: Chloé emailed me personalized post-session protocol and wellness routine tips


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