Holistic Tips For Taking Antibiotics

I’m all about a balance of Eastern-meets-Western medicine. However, western antibiotics not only destroys the bad bacteria in the body, but can also kill the good — wrecking havoc on your gut, immune system and more.

As I have transitioned to a more clean, holistic lifestyle, I am hypersensitive to any potent ingestible substance (ie. alcohol, cannabis, and even CBD) and rarely take antibiotics — the last ten days was an exception. I was bit by a spider on my hand that was then infected with strep and hospitalized — talk about a dramatic turn of events, right? I was swiftly put on bags-on-bags of IV antibiotics and pain medication cuing a lethargic spiral of both nausea and healing.

Considering it was the first time pill-popping like this in a while, I started to look into my closet of clean products and holistic remedies to keep my body holistically healing and healthy, while the antibiotics broke down the bacteria.

Here are my top clean, nontoxic, and holistic tips and tricks for some R&R during and after antibiotics…



It may sound weird to talk about how I don’t take one type of pill, but then recommend another type of pill, alas, probiotics are key while taking antibiotics as they help restore your gut microbiota to a healthy state — remember, both good and bad bacteria are wiped. Antibiotics can also cause diarrhea or extreme constipation — cute right? Not.

To curb constipation, I stay ahead of the game with Swiss Kriss herbal laxative supplements. I work with a kinesthetic nutritionist  that provides me with my current probiotic regime, which is AL-90 digestive enzymes 2x a day — once in the AM and again in the PM. I encourage you to test and trial a few trusted probiotic brands and feel out which one works best for you and your body. Some of my personal favorites are Sakara Life Daily Probiotic Blend (get 20% off with code xoboundless), HUM Nutrition Gut Instinct and Lovebug Skinny.



Probiotics have taken the spotlight lately, but prebiotics are just as important because they feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. Here is a list of example foods. I take garlic pills daily and eat bananas regularly.

Sakara Detox Drops


Antibiotics can take a toll on your hydration. Take your water intake to the next level with these chlorophyll detox drops from Sakara 20% off with code xoboundless. I keep a bottle stashed in both my kitchen and on my desk in my office as a friendly reminder to drink more water. I put a dropper full in my warm lemon turmeric water in the morning and take periodically throughout the day as well.

Anima Mundi Herbals Energia


It’s no lie that when you’re sick, you feel a bit lethargic — heavy eyelids, lackadaisical mood, and all-around depleted energy levels. Add a bit of pep back in your step with this energy tonic from Anima Mundi herbals. The herbal concoction is packed with guarana seeds, green coffee, suma root, and rhodiola root which are all known for their grounded, energizing properties. Also, my former nutritionist, Kelly Leveque, once told me that rhodiola is like a natural xanax … so you’re welcome.

Epsom Salt + ACV + Seaweed Bath


Ever since my cancer journey, I’ve been a big bath lover— flowers, salts, teabags, crystals, you name it, I’ve likely got it in my bathroom just waiting to be soaked. After my most recent hospital stint, and not showering for 4+ days, I basically ran to my bathtub. To help facilitate detox and heal from antibiotics/infection, here are some key ingredients to add to your bath  — besides bubbles.

  • Epsom Salt – soothes muscles and breaks down into magnesium when in warm water, which helps with a myriad of things from stress to insomnia.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – you may have heard that a shot a day keeps your skin glowing, but it can actually do wonders *on* your skin as well. It’s basically a miracle elixir (addressing eczema, sunburn etc.) so if you don’t have, buy it up now. Its core benefits include fighting infection, regulating digestion, and decreasing inflammation.
  • SeaweedSeaweed is an antioxidant, anti-allergenic and has disease-protecting properties. Pro tip: use one of these so your drain doesn’t get clogged!
  • Essential oils – they have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Here are the best ones to fight off a cold, flu, or infection.

Infrared Saunahigher-dose-infrared-sauna-detox

Light up your life! If you follow me on the gram, you know that I love getting lit at infrared saunas around the city. The chromotherapy makes me legit happy and relaxed, the sweat feels sooo detoxifying (you burn on average 200-600 calories during a 30-min session!), and the infrared rays stimulate the production of white blood cells boosting your immunity. Read about more of the benefits here.

Lymphatic Massage


Lymphatic massage is most definitely having a moment right now, and for good reason. At the most basic level the massage allows your lymphatic system to remove toxins from your body, because unlike your circulatory system, your lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump to flush out these vessels. When you’re sick, your lymphatic is working overtime.

I don’t recommend you going in for a lymphatic massage in the beginning or in the middle of your antibiotics, because you might feel slightly sick afterwards (think aches, fatigue and even skin breakouts) and we don’t want to make things worse, right? However, after is a great time to get a lymphatic massage to boost your immune system, re-stimulate lymphatic drainage and enhance the removal of toxins.


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