Top 10 Sustainable Swaps From Grove Collaborative


Believe it or not, celebrating Earth Month from the confines of my home has been a strangely beautiful introspective and gratitude-defining experience. Personally, over the past few weeks I’ve harnessed a greater appreciation for my home, wellbeing, community, and the environment — not to mention, the interconnection between them all.

I’ve been on a clean, conscious and sustainable journey ever since I started a career in sustainable fashion in 2014. From eco-fashion to clean beauty and better-for-you home products, I’ve learned so much about how your space and your surroundings impact your wellbeing. 

Physically, I use clean products that are free of harmful chemicals that allow my body to operate at optimal health and efficiency, which in turn, also affects me mentally and emotionally, keeping stress and fear triggers at bay. Last, but certainly not least, building a sustainable sanctuary has spiritually connected me with a deeper sense of purpose and an incredible conscious community. Most recently, these feelings have only grown stronger the more time I’ve spent at home. 

As we retreat and turn inward, now is the perfect time to reconnect with the intention of building a more eco-conscious home — and thankfully, it’s easier than ever thanks to sites like Grove Collaborative

Grove is one of my favorite eco-friendly home essential sites that has everything you could ever need to create your sustainable dream space. And this Earth Month, new customers will receive a free Sustainable Swaps Set — think bamboo straws, reusable sandwich bags etc. Here’s a handful of other reasons while I vibe with Grove’s mindful mission and awesome eco products  — 

  • Grove is Certified B Corp (AKA they are recognized as a business doing good for people, communities, and the planet)
  • They take a holistic approach to their sustainability initiatives, taking into consideration post-consumer packaging and carbon offsetting in addition to the physical product that’s more gentle on the earth
  • Your shipment will help Grove in its partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees across the United States. Their goal is to plant one million new trees over the next three years.
  • By 2025, every product Grove makes and sells will be plastic-free. As a first step to plastic-free, they’re now plastic neutral in partnership with Plastic Bank.

Check out some of my favorite eco-friendly products that I’m loving on Grove right now — 


Dishwashing Essentials Set


This sustainable set includes one single-use glass soap dispenser (to eliminate plastic waste), one dish brush and one package of clean soap (note, Grove package pouches contain 60% less plastic than a bottle of the same size) that equates to approximately two refills. I’m a big fan of the Lavender & Thyme soap pick, but you can’t go wrong with any of their clean scents including Free & Clear and Lemon, Eucalyptus & Mint. 

100% Recycled Plastic Trash Bags – Drawstring


Grove Collaborative recognizes that we have plenty of post-consumer plastic to upcycle into things that we need and use regularly — creating a more circular, sustainable economy. Shop these 100% post-consumer recycled plastic trash bags so you don’t waste plastic use on, well, waste. Grove also teamed up with Living Lands and Waters which helps remove litter from rivers and waterways across the United States. Philanthropic and sustainable — what’s not to love! 

Breeze Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector


People are typically intimidated by compost, but this odor-free countertop compost collector makes it super easy to ditch food waste and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home. I used to keep a bin in my freezer because of the smell of old food, but this bin has fresh air technology — in other words, the double layer sides and a top that seals the stench in.

Compostable Kitchen Cleaning Wipes


I do my best to steer clear of wipes just to limit my waste in general, but these compostable ones are totally guilt-free! They’re unscented and made from bamboo and aloe leaf juice. Now you can wipe down your countertops without the worry and throw into your compost collector when you’re done! 



SEEDLING BY GROVE Reusable Paper Towel


We all are guilty of using one too many paper towels every now and then (it’s okay, sometimes the kitchen towel just doesn’t cut it!), but with this eco-innovation, you can clear your conscious while you clean! Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, these towels are reusable and incredibly absorbent. Bamboo is a key in the eco world as it’s fast-growing and easily replenishable. 

Grove Collaborative Silicone Straws


Make your sips a little more sustainable! Don’t get me wrong, I love the glass, metal and bamboo reusable straws, but lately I’ve been loving these silicone ones as they

’re malleable and an easy space saver when on-the-go. I also love how this set comes with a cute cotton carrying case and a straw cleaner — a necessity to ensure you keep all of your reusable straws squeaky clean!

Walnut Scrubber Sponge, Set of 2


When you’re dealing with plates, pots and pans that you use to cook and eat off of, non-toxic cleaning products are a must! It’s 100% all-natural vegetable cellulose composition is incredibly effective, and of course, eco-friendly — no elbow grease necessary. 



Grove Collaborative Foaming Hand Soap Starter Set

Make your handwashing a little more earth-friendly with this minimalist-chic glass reusable bottle and non-toxic foaming hand soap concentrate — without synthetic fragrances, dyes, or triclosan, this dermatologist-tested formula is safe for sensitive skin and moisturizes with aloe vera. I have one of these in my kitchen and bathroom!  



Glass Spray Bottle with Silicone Sleeve


One of my all-time favorite Grove purchases! I love this pick because it’s honestly so chic and you can use it for any kind of cleaning solution. Fill it with any one of Grove’s concentrates (see here) use create your own DIY home cleaner. All you really need is essential oil (I love tea tree oil, orange, lemon or geranium for cleaning!), water, soap, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide and voila! 


Glass + Silicone Water Bottle (24 oz)


Over 80% of the plastic water bottles we buy end up in landfills so if you’re like me, you can never have too many reusable water bottles! I love the look and slip-free, protection function of this silicone sleeve — a must-have if you’re a klutz like me.