The Morning Routine That Keeps Me Sane

I rely heavily on my daily ritual to keep me grounded and in-flow. Routines are kind of therapeutic for me and I look forward to my little rituals every morning. For me, the sense of consistency is incredibly calming (possibly because I know what to expect?) and fuels more balance and flow to my everyday routine — which most of the time is incredibly fast-paced and chaotic. I always feel prepared and fulfilled after my day if I complete everything during my routine. However, I never feel stressed or obligated to do everything on the following list. If I’m stressed on time or am a little too tired, a lighten the load, no big deal because stress is a very powerful emotion and you don’t want that buried in that bod of yours. I think that’s what flow is all about — listening to your body and doing what’s right for you in that moment. So just remember, that shit happens and if you get up late after having one too many glasses of wine the night before and it screws up your morning routine, that’s 1,000% okay. Life is about living right?!

Also, before I dive in, I want to clarify that I’m not going to cover ever single thing I do every morning. For example, get dressed, brush my teeth etc. When I talk about my morning ritual, I mean things outside the realm of “necessities”. These tasks are optional that I integrate into my daily routine because I enjoy them and they take me to a higher state of consciousness, health, and wellness. Now onto the good stuff!

1. Wake up with blinds open

I try to wake up around 5:30am-6:30am during the week. I keep all of my blinds open so the natural sunlight wakes me up. I truly believe that the natural light is energizing and helps forgo any morning grogginess — because we all now what that feels like when we have to slug down one too many cups of coffee to feel human. I also am in the process of transitioning to a “real” alarm clock AKA not my phone. If you don’t have a ton natural light in your bedroom, check out the Phillips Therapy Light Alarm Clock. Speaking about alarm clocks, I’m in the process of weening off my iPhone alarm, but haven’t found one that I loveee. Comment on this post or DM me (@boundlessfashion) with suggestions if you have any great ones!

2. Solo Meditation

I like to meditate first thing in the morning before doing anything else. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy or even a guided meditation. I literally just take 2-5 minutes to set my intentions and goals for the day. I don’t like using an app or guided meditation in the morning because I like to stay in my own head.

3. Think about Gratitude 

As I walk to the bathroom to wash my face (currently loving and using Honest Beauty’s Refreshingly Clean Cleanser), I list all of the things I’m grateful for — large and small. This is a little tip from the book, The Secret. If you haven’t read it, you should! It was incredibly insightful read that motivates you to take control of your life, take responsibility of your actions, and achieve the “impossible.”

4. Warm Lemon Water

I typically drink a cup of warm lemon water. I used the lemon juice that came in one of those plastic lemon-shaped containers, but realized that it didn’t taste as good nor as natural compared to the real deal. Well, they’re both real, but you opt for buying physical lemons and cut them up into sixths and store in a tupperware container in your fridge.

*Benefits of warm lemon water*

Jumpstarts digestion

Hydrates body

Stimulates white blood cell production (vital for immunity)

5. Bulletproof Coffee Concoction 

I Drink a cup of bullet proof coffee (minus the butter, because I’m vegan). If you follow me on Instagram, yes, I tried to quit coffee for a hot second, but that didn’t last as essentially it was causing more stress than positivity in my life which I wasn’t okay with. This is an example right here of listening to your body. I currently add Bulletproof’s brain octane oil, collagen, and Wunder Workshop’s Turmeric Latte Blend.

*Benefits of collagen*

Promotes optimal skin function due to the high amount of amino acids and skin peptides.

Improves elasticity (wrinkles)

Aids to rebuild connective tissues

Nourishes hair and nails

*Benefits of turmeric*


Increases body antioxidant capacity

Neutralizes free radicals (free radicals cause poor cell function)

6. Stretch

Stretching for 2 to 5 minutes while listening to my favorite music of the moment. For me, the music purely puts me in a good mood, but stretching has a ton of both mental and physical advantages.

*Benefits of AM stretching*

Increased blood circulation (especially to the brain)

Increased energy level

Improved posture with helps with future aches and pains

7. Workout

*If I have time* I do my physical therapy for about 30 minutes in the morning.  If I don’t have time, I don’t sweat it and will do it at night, which is actually what I’ve been doing more of lately. 

8. Scan computer and phone

Attack priority emails, read my daily newsletters, and strategize an Instagram post.

I really try not to look at my phone when I wake up because I enjoy being inside my own head and I find myself getting anxious (and sometimes even upset) when I scroll through social media. Don’t get me wrong, it’s extremely difficult not to reach for your phone the second when you wake up and see what you’ve missed. This is just something I’ve been more cognizant about!

*Morning newsletters and publications*

The Skimm (guilty)

Quartz Daily

Fashion Redef


Business of Fashion


The New York Times


9. Listen to an inspiring podcast

During my morning commute, I love to listen to an inspiring podcast — anything ranging from spirituality to wellness to career. Lately, I’ve been OBSESSED with The Balanced Blonde’s Soul of Fire. You should seriously check this lady out. She lives and breathes health and wellness and oozes inspiration and authenticity. Did I mention she’s just an all-around rad chick?! She is, so listen up. Other’s I enjoy are Jess Lively’s The Lively Show and Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss.