Boundless Approved Meditation Apps

1. Inscape











I stumbled upon the app Inscape while doing a meditation manicure at one of my favorite non-toxic nail salons, Sundays. This was one of the first meditation apps that I really felt a connection with the narrator. I played with Headspace this past year, and for some odd reason, couldn’t connect with the narrator’s voice. Inscape’s narrator is a woman’s soft and tranquil sing-song that will guide you through a soothing state of blissful rest and mindfulness. Inscape also has a physical meditation studio in New York City that is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend checking it out even if you are just a little bit intrigued with meditation. No worries if you’re not in NYC, you can still zen it out on their app which is still my favorite to date. Kindly note there is free and paid version.

2. Calm











Find your zen through a peaceful and positive female guided meditation that has the blissful sound of chirping birds and waves washing up against the sea shore. I’m a big fan of Calm because the guide doesn’t hop right into the meditation. First, she gives you a briefing on the benefits of meditation, your posture, common life hurdles that you may be experiencing etc. It’s almost like a mini therapy session right before you meditate to help guide your mind inward, pinpoint problems, and then release them. For free, you can experience the app’s  7 Days of Calm, Body Scan and Day Calm Highlights. If you subscribe to Calm’s yearly or monthly plan, you can access loads of more tailored meditations. For example, the app has meditations focused on anxiety, sleep, focus, stress and more.

3. Deep Listening by Lee Rosevere 











Please let me preface this and say that these are not your average meditations! I was a little hesitant when I first pressed play and heard the ambient, alpha-wave music, but I have come to really enjoy them. I frequently listened to these during radiation treatment, because they were short, but really pulled my mind into a state of deep relaxation. Personally, I find them to be so intense, I basically fall asleep within a matter of minutes.

5. Soul on Fire Podcast Distant Reiki Healing Feature 











If you’re in need of some distant healing, then Soul on Fire’s Reiki episode featuring Kelsey Patel is the short (only a couple minutes!), yet incredibly revitalizing. Go to episode #43, fast forward so you only have 11:29 seconds left, and indulge in the overwhelming amount of love, light, and distant healing. When you wake up, you will walk away feeling the stress and pain literally lifted from your body.

6. 5 Minute Meditations 










We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious at work. Well, this meditation is perfect for those moments! This meditation is unique because it doesn’t include a guide or even sound, it’s all visual. So, it’s perfect for those times when you’re so stressed out, but feel awkward or even guilty (lets all be real, it definitely happens) leaving the office to go take a walk or meditate to relax and recenter.

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